Our Newest Feature: Pass-On Logs

Date Published : Oct-26-2018

Written By : Dale

This month, we have released a new feature that will allow for better communication amongst your condo’s security & concierge team: the pass-on log.  

Pass-on Logs

Pass-on logs for the Security & Concierge module allow your security team to send important messages to specific team members or the entire team. Here’s how it works:
  1. If a security guard needs to send a message to the rest of their team, they click the new button we have added to the security & concierge console.
  2. The guard can type-up their message, including a title, details, and select the recipients.
  3. The next time the selected recipients log into the system, the system will notify them of any messages that have been sent to them.
  4. The system keeps track of who has read your messages and when they viewed it. (You can view this information by viewing the “details” screen for the item.)
This is an extremely simple but useful tool that we have added to improve communication for your team. The new pass-on log feature is available as a part of our Security & Concierge module and has been turned on for all existing clients.

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