Managing Condo Visitors Made Easy

Date Published : Oct-26-2018

Written By : Dale

Managing Condo Visitors Made Easy

Whether family members, friends, delivery staff, or repairmen, there is no doubt that condos have a high traffic of visitors throughout the day (and night). Fortunately, the ideal condo management software will provide user-friendly tools to assist residents and visitors in simplifying visitor management. Taking advantage of such tools, can improve visitor management while increasing convenience and safety. Here are a few ways to take advantage of online condo management to improve visitor management for residents, and visitors.


The registration process increases security while facilitating visitor management. Residents can grant relatives and friends permission to enter, which is especially beneficial when they are stopping by to take care of the unit while the resident is on vacation. Granting permission to enter can also facilitate the process for repeat visitors, and if you ever change your mind about the individual having access, you can simply revoke their authorizations. In terms of increased security, registration allows guards to record the identification details of individuals before letting them into the unit. Once the authorized person is ready to leave, the guard locks the unit and records it. You will always know who entered the property, when, and for how long. In addition to that, there is also a key-tracking feature, which allows the user to track the security guard who released the keys, and the details of the identification that was verified


Visitor parking can be a scarce resource. The increased traffic in condo parking areas, especially when owners or residents are hosting a number of guests, have the potential of causing a few issues, but with visitor parking management tools, those problems can easily be eliminated. With a mobile condo management app, you can create a parking pass directly on your phone from anywhere in the world. You can even make parking passes for visitors taking care of your unit while you are out of town. The parking pass can be paperless or paper – which can be printed at home or picked up at the concierge station. Parking management can also prevent owners from sneaking into other vehicles spaces, and it supports your existing rules and regulations – ensuring that reserved spaces are being enforced, and that residents and their guests aren’t using more spaces than their allowed limit. One important parking feature, which is also an incredible security tool, is the license plate recognition system. With this tool, cameras are used to recognize license plate information, which is validated to ensure that it is listed in the unit file as a resident or as an approved guest. This feature also assists with enforcing existing rules and regulations in terms of visitor parking, including allowed length of stay.


There is no doubt that visitor registration and parking features increase general security by ensuring that visitors have authorization to enter the unit, and to use visitor parking. Additionally, by checking identification and keeping records of who is coming and going, the number of incidents are reduced, but should there be one, it is easier to investigate and resolve the issue. All information is confidential – you control who has permission to view records. Make the most out of your online condo management, using visitor management tools to increase convenience and security. Watch a demo to see what Condo Control Central has to offer, or request a quote today!            

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