9 Benefits of using a cloud-based guard tour system

Date Published : Mar-26-2019

Written By : Phillip Livingston

A guard tour patrol system is a way to ensure that your security system is effective by keeping the guards productive and accountable. It’s mostly utilized by property managers, security companies, and organizations. There are mainly two guard tour systems available for you to choose from; wand tour guard systems and cloud guard systems.

A wand tour guard system is the oldest version of this technology and it relies on the use of handheld devices. Cloud guard tour systems, on the other hand, are mobile and make use of cloud technology

Both options allow you to track guard activity and make sure that each guard is making their rounds on the patrol route as required. All you need to do is design a patrol route with specific checkpoints that security personnel need to stop at. With cloud-based guard tour system, the guards will be able to record real-time events, send SOS alerts and reports instantaneously. The information will be stored on the cloud and you are not required to install the software on your computer. Read on to find out about all the benefits offered by a cloud-based guard tour system.



Why do you need a cloud-based guard tour system?

If you want to protect your asset from threats such as burglaries, theft, and damage a guard tour system can help. Here are some of the benefits that come with using a cloud-based guard tour system.


  1. It’s simple and convenient:

Once you start using a cloud-based guard tour system, you’ll no longer have to use notebooks and maintain an ever-growing paper trail. Officers can use a smartphone to scan checkpoints and log reports. The information is sent to a central monitoring center and automatically stored on a cloud interface accessible only through permission. This means that each guard can just carry a mobile device from which to manage all their work.


  1. Improves accountability:

A cloud-based system gives you access to critical and accurate information that allows you to analyze and detect the effectiveness of your system. You’ll be able to see the exact time at which a guard executed his tour, the time intervals at which patrol scans were completed and whether or not reports are delivered on time. You’ll be able to spot trends such as missed checkpoints and inspections. This information will help to eliminate redundancies and anything that decreases the effectiveness of your security patrols system.

Plus, it encourages accountability among your security guards. You’ll have reliable and accurate data of their activity at your fingertips and at all times. You can literally validate guard tours, coordinate schedules and track activity from anywhere in the world using the cloud-based system from your smartphone.


  1. Offers automation:

If you’re using the old-school guard tour method, then your security personnel have to go through a rigorous process at each checkpoint. Every time they pass a point, they have to check in using pen and paper or even take a picture with their camera. This information will only be made available for review at the end of the day.  

Cloud-based guard tour systems automate the whole process by allowing security guards to log all their reports on a stealthy mobile device. The information is conveyed to the site owner or manager immediately and automatically.


  1. Maintain and access an accurate history log:

A cloud-based guard tour system allows you to maintain an accurate record of all security logs and reports. This includes every guard tour that was executed since you started using the system and it’s all stored in a secure database that’s easy to access via a desktop or smart mobile device.

This includes information such as patrol time intervals, guard tour stops, digital notes, sound recording, images, and even guards’ signatures. Being able to track historical data is critical to monitoring guards’ accountability and getting rid of any ambiguities in the security patrol system you’ve set up.


  1. Real-time tracking:

Lack of access to real-time data is one of the most common challenges faced by security companies & property managers. In the past, security guards had to record their activity in a booklet. They’d send the information to a control center or property administrator via fax and later email.

Cloud-based guard tour systems allow you to monitor your guards, see patrolling reports and guard activity in real time. You can make notes and respond immediately if need be using a convenient and reliable app. It’s all available at the tips of your hands.


  1. Data analysis:

Since everything is centrally stored and organized in a cloud you can access, monitor and analyze data at any time. You no longer have to manually record, verify and file reports either. Everything is automatically organized for you and this simplifies data analysis tremendously.

You can track trends, patterns and guard activity constantly and effortlessly. That’s because, in a cloud-based guard tour system, everything is filtered according to specific categories, so you’ll get a birds’ eye view of time intervals between patrols, missed and executed checkpoints, etc. This valuable information allows you to spot problem areas and helps you to devise a better patrolling system over time.

You can also notify your guards of the changes you make in real-time.  

All in all, cloud-based guard tour systems make it easy to effectively manage multiple units and buildings through proper data analysis. 


  1. No download, no install:

Most property managers and Security companies are apprehensive about moving to a cloud-based system. They think it’s going to require new software updates, professional installation or worse, it could mean digging into the association’s fund for some expensive downloads.

We’re here to tell you this doesn’t have to be the case. For example, Condo Control Central’s guard patrol system doesn’t come with any download or installation requirements. After all, it’s a “cloud” based system which means you can simply synchronize your existing systems to it in one fell swoop.

All you need is an Android phone with NFC support. The NFC checkpoints are quite accessible too and will be made available to you as well if you like.

Going digital has never been easier.


  1. Budget control:

A cloud-based guard tour system is a much more affordable solution than executing a guard tour patrol system manually. It’ll save you money and time would’ve been spent on data acquisition and analysis, repetitive admin tasks as well as additional inspections to ensure guard accountability.


  1. GPS monitoring:

Cutting-edge guard tour systems even come with GPS monitoring for large properties. Which means you’ll be able to pinpoint exactly where your guards are located at each checkpoint. This can increase accountability and reliability, and you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your security guards are patrolling as expected.

The added benefit of this feature is that it keeps your security guards protected and improves the safety of your assets.


Making your life easier

There’s no better way to hold your officers accountable for their patrol tours than with a cloud-based guard tour system. It enables you to get the best out of your security personnel with little to no supervision.

You’ll receive email and text notification for missed patrols due to bad weather or construction. That way, instead of skipping their check-ins or postponing them for another day, guards are obliged to report the problem so that a solution can be devised to overcome it.

All told, cloud-based guard tour software can significantly improve the accountability, reliability, and productivity of your security system.



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