Two New Features: Discussion Forums and Key Tracking

Date Published : Oct-26-2018

Written By : Dale

This month we’re announcing two new features that have been frequently requested by many of our clients:
  • Online Discussion Forums:   Allows your owners and residents to hold discussions online.
  • Key Tracking: Provides your security guards and property managers with a way to track who has borrowed your keys.
This blog post explains each feature in detail. Scroll down to watch a short video demo of each.  

Online Discussion Forums

Online discussion forums allow your owners and residents to post messages and hold discussions online.  Here’s how it works:
  • The board or manager can set topics, such as “Social Committee”, “Building Issues”, or “Suggestions”.
  • Each forum can be restricted to a particular group (like owners only), or it can be open to everyone.
  • Each forum can also be configured as “Open” where posts are visible immediately, or “Moderated” where each post must be approved before it can be seen publicly.
  • Posters will receive an email every time someone replies to their post.
  • You can also set up your forum to be a classifieds area. (Classified ad forums don’t allow public replies; replies go directly to the poster)
This brief one minute video shows the new forum feature in action. Depending on the mood of your condo owners, we recommend starting off with the moderation mode turned “on”. We will also help you post ground rules that will help ensure your forum remains a positive and constructive space. The forum module is included for our annual-pay clients’, and it’s available for new clients as a separate module.  

Key Tracking

The second new feature we are announcing today is Key Tracking.  Key tracking allows your security guards and property manager to keep track of who has borrowed a particular key or set of keys.  This feature helps reduce risk and improve record keeping for your keys by having a detailed, searchable log of who used them. This short video explains it and gives a demo. The new Key Tracking feature is available as part of our Security & Concierge Module.  Existing customers who would like to have it turned on can email us.  If you’re not yet a customer, you can request a quote to get started.  

Looking for Pilot Users

Both features are tested and ready to use, but we’re looking for a maximum of five to ten clients who would like to help us pilot these features before we make them available to everybody in mid-December. If you’re interested in piloting either feature, please email us. We have a few more exciting announcements coming before the end of the year, so please subscribe for updates if you haven’t already. To subscribe, simply enter your name and email to the right.ibe, simply enter your name and email to the right.

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