New Security Patrol Feature, Survey Enhancements, and More

Date Published : Feb-25-2019

Written By : Phillip Livingston


This month’s release brings three important changes. We have launched a new Security Patrol feature,  enhancements to our Survey feature, and improvements to system performance.  Read on to learn all about it!


Security Patrol

Over the past few years, we’ve been working together with our security partners to develop new features to benefit their daily operations.  Today we are happy to announce our newest addition, which we are calling “Security Patrol”.

Here’s how it works: As your security team performs patrols around the property, they use an Android phone to scan checkpoints around the property. If there are any incidents or issues, they can log them right from the app. The patrol logs and records are fully integrated right into the Security Console within CCC. As an administrator, you get access to the following features:

  • The ability to schedule recurring patrols
  • Alerts for missed patrols
  • Email confirmations every time a patrol is finished
  • Full integration with the CCC Security Console, including incident reports

This feature is available as an add-on or a stand-alone feature. Discount pricing is available for the rest of 2019 during our pilot phase. If you’re looking to learn more about this feature, please contact us!



Survey Enhancements

We have made several improvements to our survey features!  Some of the key features that have been added are:

  • Email Customization – you can add in your own information that will appear in the emails and the landing page.
  • Estimated Minutes to Complete Survey –increase your completion rate by providing an estimated time it will take to fill out the survey. For example, your residents will be aware from the beginning that this particular survey can be completed in around 2-4 minutes.
  • Thank You Page – you can customize the message after the individual has completed your survey
  • No login required to complete the survey – similar to our other feaetures, each individual will receive a link that they can use to complete the survey without the requirement of logging into Condo Control Central
  • Open Ended Answers – As requested by several of our clients, you can now ask open-ended questions and residents can type in their own answers!
  • Ability to save a draft, and auto-save – Previously, if you were composing a long survey you had to complete the process in one sitting. Now, you can save a draft and come back to it. In addition, any questions or changes you enter are saved right away so there’s no risk of losing your work.

If you have any questions about the survey or need help, please reach out to our Support Team and we will get in touch.



Performance Improvement

Within our most recent release, we spent a considerable amount of time to improve the loading times for the slowest pages within our system.  The results have been noticeable; in particular you will notice improvements with:

  • Logging into CCC – This now takes less than 3 seconds, regardless of how many properties you have access to;
  • Global Search – searches using our Global Search feature (in the upper left-hand corner) now complete substantially faster
  • Security & Concierge Search – searches here are also noticeably faster, particularly for large buildings

We plan to continue to make further investments that will result in faster loading across the system. As part of our next releasees in March, we will be introducing a new underlying technology for search which should result in further improvements.

If you have suggestions on particular areas that you find slow, please reply to this message and we will look into it.



Annual Customer Satisfaction Survey

Starting this week we will be sending you a survey which consists of just one question: Would you recommend CCC to friends or colleagues? We know that you’re busy, so we only survey our customers once a year. However, your feedback is extremely important to us and is the foundation for many of the most important decisions we make. When you receive the survey, if you could please take a moment to click the link and complete it, we would sincerely appreciate it! Based on your feedback, our team may also reach out to you for further clarification.



Coming soon…

In the next few months we have plans for several exciting improvements, including:

  • An overhaul of the File Library – we are working on making the file library even more user-friendly and organized.
  • Tasks on Mobile – many of you have requested that you be able to view and update tasks on our mobile app. This feature is coming soon.
  • Removal of File Size / Storage Limits – we will soon be lifting the file size limits that are in place in the system. This has been frequently requested by our customers and we are excited to offer it.

Stay tuned!

If you have any questions about any of our latest updates please do not hesitate to contact your customer success representative.


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