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Date Published : Oct-26-2018

Written By : Dale

Condo security is an important concern for property management. The happiness of the condo community and the value of the property are directly tied to safety and security. Fortunately, you can easily improve condo security with these property management tools and tips.

Locks and Lights

The simplest forms of security: locks and lights. Just because they’re simple, doesn’t mean they don’t work. Proper use of lights and locks improve safety for residents and dissuade break-ins.
Lock areas with unsafe or reserved equipment. You can take advantage of key tracking software to ensure you know where keys for locked areas are at all times.
Automate the locking of areas that are unsafe without supervision. Gyms, pools, and saunas should be locked outside of operational hours. This is for the safety of the condo residents. If an accident were to occur outside of supervised hours in one of these locations, it could be dangerous for the resident.
Lighting is one of the most important aspects of condo safety and security. Use automated lighting or motion-activated lighting for dark areas. Paths and stairways become tripping or slip and fall hazards if they are not adequately lit.
Good lighting is also useful in crime prevention. Improving lighting is an effective crime prevention tool. It makes people feel safer and improves surveillance to improve detection. As well, it makes people less likely to commit crimes. It is most effectively used in combination with security cameras or to give the illusion of activity.

Use Condo Security Software

Taking advantage of online condo security software keeps track of everything going on in your building. A well organized and easily navigable system makes it easy to prevent and detect security risks and abnormalities.
Good condo security tools have comprehensive tracking capabilities such as package tracking and key tracking. With package tracking, guards can log all incoming and outgoing packages in the system. They can also capture signatures electronically to verify who picks up packages.
Key tracking is another security feature which helps to simplify property management. You can track an unlimited number of keys with important details such as identification used to check out the key, the reason for borrowing the key, and the security guard who released it.
Online condo security tools also serve to improve incident reporting. All the important information from a given incident is easily recorded, saved, and accessible for future reference. You can track all details with unlimited text including:

  • Which units are involved
  • Who was involved
  • The incident
  • Whether emergency services were called (police, ambulance, fire)
  • Which officer responded to the scene

Guards and property managers can pull up the incidents by keywords, name, date, or unit number. As well, they can attach any relevant documents, images, and surveillance footage to the condo incident report.

Visitor Registration Software

Large buildings like condos have a lot of people coming and going. There is a careful balance between providing security and not impeding the residents. Key fobs are often used to let residents in and keep others out. But managing condo visitors is another challenge altogether.
Condos have an ongoing flow of visitors, including:

  • Guests
  • Repairmen
  • Services
  • Deliveries

It’s important to have visitor registration software in place to manage condo visitors. Residents can authorize friends and family to enter the unit. The guards keep track of visitors, checking when they enter, how long they’re there, and who they are. This process makes it safe and easy to admit visitors.

Create A Safe Condo Environment

Taking the right precautions and initiatives can make a big difference in condo security. A safe condo means happier residents and maintains property value for owners. Create a safe condo environment with 3 simple steps:

  • Locks & Lights
  • Condo Security Software
  • Visitor Registration Software

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