Reducing the Stress of Condo Visitor Check-Ins

Date Published : Oct-26-2018

Written By : Kim Brown

Managing visitor check-ins can be a headache in any size of condo. The condo manager has to perform a tight balancing act between safety and convenience. It should be easy for residents to host their friends and family, but being too lax can lead to security issues.
Today, we explore how to take advantage of condominium management software to reduce the stress of visitor check-ins.

Faster Check-Ins

One of the most important things to do to reduce the stress of visitor check-ins is to speed up the process. Otherwise, it becomes an inconvenience for everyone involved, the tenant, concierge, and guest.
A slow check-in process can even result in people trying to circumvent the system. Or lead to tenants propping back doors open to allow guests easy access (while allowing anyone to get in the building).
A buzz-in system is a common solution, but it’s not a perfect one. If the tenant isn’t home or is even out on their balcony, they may miss the buzz. Allowing the buzzer to be forwarded to their cell phones can reduce this problem.
If people can’t get a hold of the person they’re visiting, or forget the buzz code, they’ll wait for another tenant and sneak in behind them. This is another problem, there’s no record of this person being in the building, and it means anyone can get in.
Instead, having an easy communication line with the concierge can safely provide a fast check-in. The tenant can inform the concierge in advance that they have a guest coming, so the concierge can let them in. By using online condominium management software this information is easy to pull up, so the message isn’t lost, even if the concierge shift changes.

Visitor Arrival Notifications

Visitor arrival notifications are a great condo communication tool. When a guest arrives, the resident receives a message through email or SMS. It’s a quick update that allows for residents to quickly clear a guest upon arrival.

Visitor Tracking

Using a visitor registration app makes for simple visitor tracking. It syncs with your condominium management software to capture and retain information about visitor check-ins.
It lets you keep track of each visitors’ arrival and departure time, as well as who they were here to see. You can even track their identification and collect their signature through a digital pad. In addition to improving security, this data also helps to create reports on condo visits.
You can determine patterns for when times of the day, week, or year that visitors are most common, so you can prepare for high influxes.
Logging a guest into the visitor tracking system is just a few quick steps:

  1. Log in
  2. Click on the Visitor Tracking icon
  3. Enter the resident’s unit number, visitor’s name
  4. Add any comments
  5. Save

It’s fast, simple, and easy. As well, the file is easy to retrieve at any time using the in-system search function.


Managing condo visitors involves more than just guests. For functional condo security, it’s important to have an intelligent permission to enter process. Security needs to be able to grant entry for deliveries and repairs.
Residents may ask their neighbours or relatives enter their condo when they are away. Condominium management systems that provide permission to enter tools make this process a breeze. Even if they forgot to set it up before leaving the condo.
Residents can enter the information online from any location. This allows the security and concierge to access the information quickly and allow access. Security can also track identification details before allowing access to the unit, tracking when they enter and when they leave. They are also able to revoke access at any time.

Visitor Parking

Visitor parking is a headache that most condo managers are all too familiar with. Visitor parking is a scarce resource. Too often there aren’t enough spaces, they aren’t fairly allocated, or residents abuse their use.
Condo visitor parking software serves to resolve all of these issues. They make it easy to enforce parking spaces, preventing owners from sneaking in extra vehicles or hogging all the visitor parking.

Simplify Visitor Check-Ins With All-In-One Condo Software

Condo Control Central is clear, clean, & simple – it’s the really smart way to run your condo. Our all-in-one condominium management software simplifies visitor check-ins. It prioritizes convenience and functionality without sacrificing security.
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