Property Manager’s Guide: Simplify Security & Concierge Services

Date Published : Oct-26-2018

Written By : Dale

Automate Your Condo Security & Concierge Services

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”  
Why complicate things with systems that don’t work or have become outdated? Make life safer and easier for both condo residents and security staff with a platform that organizes all concierge services in one place.
Many owner and tenants choose a property based on the quality of its security and concierge services. When condo residents feel safe and taken care of, it can be credited to a great property manager and superior security team.
A poll by TD Canada Trust found that security was the #1 concern among people looking to purchase a condominium. Security was “more important (94%) than buying in an energy-efficient building (92%), having a balcony (90%), having parking (87%) or being close to public transit (84%)”.

Keep Track of All Incidents

Organize and file incident reports online instead on filling out paper forms in triplicate. Save a record of all incidents, without having to rely on paper.
Supporting current processes with a software solution can help keep everyone informed automatically, with less work. Automating incident notifications helps to strengthen the trust between condo residents and property management.

Real-Time Security Logs

Your security team can keep each other updated by recording any relevant activity/details during their shift. Security logs can be tagged and organized by property, team member, date, time, and more.
Never scramble to find shift details again. Report on your staff’s daily activities and file any incident reports within an automatic tracking system that will time and date stamp any entry.

Never Lose a Property Key Again

Inevitably when loaning out keys to the property, one is sure to go missing. Using management technology, you don’t ever have to wonder where the master key went. Smart systems can track every time a key is loaned out, to who, on which date, and by which security guard. It will also verify key return so you can reduce the common risks associated with loaning out any condo keys.

Keep Track of every single Package & Delivery

Track incoming or outgoing packages with an electronic signature. This keeps a delivery log for you so the staff no longer has to worry about missing or misplacing a package.
All deliveries are tracked and logged so that they can be retrieved by time, date, recipient making it an efficient way for staff to find any delivery or package.
Condo residents can feel assured that any package they are sending or waiting for will make it in/out safely and securely. One-click email reminders make it easy to send a notification for any resident who has forgotten to pick up a package.

End Condo Parking Frustration

Stop condo owners from parking additional vehicles and or residents using visitor parking out of convenience. Integrating condo parking management can reduce frustration and stress making it easier to enforce resident and visitor parking rules.
Parking issues are often a source of great tension for condo residents and staff – especially when certain owners or residents are repeat offenders. Make sure everyone gets along by ensuring that no one is able to violate parking rules with 24/7 enforcement.
Residents can also easily access visitor parking online to obtain either a paper or paperless pass for their guest(s). This saves time for the resident, security guard and guest.

So, what are you waiting for?

Whether for the multiple features and benefits, or to make management duties a little easier, check out how you can get started with a property management software solution.

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