Top 9 HOA management companies in Seattle

Date Published : Aug-30-2022

Written By : Kim Brown

Seattle is charmingly referred to as the Emerald City. It’s green, close to national parks, and genuinely beautiful (when it’s not raining or overcast).

Seattle is considered to be safe, a great place for tech professionals, and very dog-friendly. But finding an affordable home can be a challenge. 2022 home prices were up 7.7% compared to last year, selling for a median price of $873,000. As such, those who have already found a great house to call home want to keep their property in pristine condition so that they can enjoy their house for as long as possible.  

Those who belong to HOAs may have a property management company to assist with maintenance and upkeep. A good property management team can be an invaluable resource to individual owners and entire associations as a whole. Below are 9 Seattle companies that stand out and have made lasting impressions on community associations in the area.  


1. CondoManagements, Inc.

CondoManagements, Inc. is a full-service property management company. It serves communities in Seattle and King County. This company prioritizes respect, trust, and clear communication in order to help each community function at peak performance.

Core services include after-hours emergency services, general maintenance management, contractor and vendor coordination, budget planning and preparation, rules administration, insurance management, accounting, monthly financial statements, monthly account reconciliation by a CPA, accounts receivable and accounts payable processing, and assessment collections. Clients have a lot of services to choose from, to say the least!


2. Onpoint Real Estate Services, LLC

Onpoint Real Estate Services describes itself as a relationship-based company. It is a full-service firm specializing in condo and HOA management. Onpoint works hard to deliver a high level of customer service which was developed through experience.

Onpoint’s primary services include relationship and maintenance, financial management, and special projects. This team is eager to please and ready to set your HOA up for long-term success.


3. CWD Group, Inc.

“Feet-on-the-ground” management is how CWD Group, Inc. prefers to operate. Since managers know what’s going on in their communities, they are comfortable tailoring services, work products, and business focus to suit the unique needs of each client. It helps communities with as few as two units, and those with thousands of lots.

CWD’s community managers work collaboratively in teams of 2 to 6, with one manager assigned as the lead to manage each client. The other managers support and assist as needed to create a balanced team approach. The firm also has a dedicated engineering division and project management team. Each team is carefully selected based on the needs, values, and culture of the HOA. CWD relies on word-of-mouth referrals and solid management performance, a sure sign that staff are confident that the work they do will speak for them.


4. Quorum Real Estate

Quorum is a full-service brokerage that offers all types of property management services. It has a dedicated and experienced team that can confidently lead condominium and homeowners associations. Quorum is a local company, and it strives to support local businesses.

The firm’s areas of expertise include reserve studies, budget planning, maintenance and risk assessment, and management.


5. Emerald Management & Consulting, LLC

Emerald Management & Consulting’s expertise covers all aspects of community association operations. Its managers carry nationally recognized professional designations, and the firm holds the national Accredited Association Management Company (AAMC) accreditation.

Emerald provides comprehensive association management, and services include enforcement of governing documents, annual maintenance (including planned maintenance and administrative tasks), upkeep of major building components, maintenance of owner contact information, answering questions from owners, and more.

HOAs can also inquire about financial services such as assistance with bank loans, reconciliations, departmental accounting, special assessments or supplemental budgets, and assistance with construction projects.


6. PropVIVO

PropVIVO aims to set new property management industry benchmarks by combining transparency, technology, and customer service. This firm creates processes around communities instead of around property managers so that solutions bring meaningful changes to HOAs.

Clients have the option to choose from full-service management or just financial services.


7. Property Concepts, Inc.

Property Concepts is proud to be a company associated with stability and longevity. This locally-owned and operated Seattle company has been in business since 1986 and has a deep understanding of how to effectively manage HOAs and condominiums. Property Concepts only works with condominiums and HOAs, allowing the company to provide many services that only associations need. Staff care for communities of less than 10 units, to HOAs with over 200 units. It is devoted to providing fiscally-responsible management for each client with an emphasis on preventative maintenance and collaboration with the board.

Clients who work with this firm can expect a monthly typed management report so that board members can easily see financial and maintenance information that pertains to the association. The report provides transparency and a clear picture of what has taken place at the property. 


8. RealManage Washington

RealManage offers clients a local HOA community management team backed by an extensive back-office support staff (plus the benefit of extended hours). It has branches across the country, and is ranked as one of the top HOA management companies in the nation.

The large corporation has maintained a sharp focus on setting itself apart from other companies through significant investment in technology and best-practices. Clients have access to task/project management, vendor management, an in-house collections team, owner support and financial management.


9. Nash Property Management

Nash Property Management provides reliable association representation through maintaining detailed records, enforcing rules, scheduling inspections, and keeping a balanced budget.

Associations receive help with insurance claims, owner and director meetings, budget preparation, and bids.


Bonus: Self-Managed Associations

Property management companies take on the tedious and repetitive tasks that slow boards down. They work with communities to maximize productivity and increase owner satisfaction without neglecting the financial health of the development. Managers are great multi-taskers and can do more than one person should be able to do in a day. But not every association is in a position to hire a manager full time.

For these communities, there’s Condo Control. The HOA management platform gives boards and owners the tools they need to communicate, share documents, book amenities, manage vendors and stay on top of accounts payable. Condo Control has flexible plans that accommodate the different needs of different communities. Streamline operations, save money, and gain better control of your HOA.

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