Top 10 condo management companies in New Jersey

Date Published : Sep-16-2020

Written By : Phillip Livingston

Did you know that in 2019, New Jersey was ranked one of the best states to live in? It’s true! New Jersey has a lot to offer, which is why so many residents decide to plant roots in the Garden State.
Every community within New Jersey has its own history, attributes and challenges, but all of them want to maintain an environment that is enjoyable and productive. Good associations protect property values, and consider what is best for the community as a whole. A skilled property management team, such as one of the companies listed below, can help associations achieve those goals.


1. Corner Property Management

Too many property management companies provide the minimum level of service. That’s why Corner Property Management goes above and beyond. Corner Property Management is founded on the belief that there is a better approach to property management than what much of the industry is providing.
Corner Property Management has integrated technology into several aspects of their platform. By leveraging technology, they are able to improve communication with their clients and provide a better living environment for residents. Clients describe the staff who work for this company as knowledgeable, responsive and reliable.


2. RCP Management Company

RCP Management Company was founded in 1974, and has continued to develop as a premier property management company. It specializes in the management of all types of community associations, including high-rise buildings, condos, planned unit developments, and HOAs.
In addition to providing the typical financial and operational services, RCP also has a full-time IT Officer on staff to service the RCP systems, and those of their clients. Each RCP management team is responsible for a finite number of full management projects, meaning properties receive the care and attention they need.
RCP has received numerous client reviews that attest to their professionalism and top-notch service.


3. Klein Property Management

With over 40 years of experience in the property management industry, Klein Property Management has acquired a distinguished reputation. The company has the expertise and experience to manage luxury lifestyle rentals, condo associations, and HOAs. They understand that managing a condo comes with its own set of unique challenges, and they know how to approach these challenges, too. The company’s services include homeowner versus common area work, parking areas, security and natural disasters.
KPM takes tremendous pride in their work, and they are always looking for innovative ways to improve their services. KPM describes its property management style as “hands-on.” They are actively involved with their clients so that they can create an environment of authentic unity between boards, owners and residents.

4. North Jersey Property Management

North Jersey Property Management strives to care for properties in the same manner that they care for their own homes. They even have a Chief (canine) Motivation Officer, Buster, who has tons of experience greeting clients.

NJPM is only 6 years old, however, their team has decades of combined property management experience. Clients have noted how knowledgeable, resourceful and effective the staff at NJPM are. The company is all about proactive management; they don’t wait around for a problem to be reported. Instead, they anticipate issues, plan out projects, and create concrete goals.

5. Cabrera Property Management

Cabrera Property Management doesn’t officially specialize in poolside gatherings, but they could probably host one heck of a pool party. Not only does the company provide comprehensive condo management services, they are also certified pool operators.
Don Cabrera leads the Cabrera Property Management team. As an experienced property manager with over 20 years of vacation home rental and property management experience, his name is one that condo communities can trust.


6. MEM Property Management

Client satisfaction is first and foremost at mem Property Management. In fact, the president of mem has been known to reach out to boards to see how things are going. Clients appreciate how caring and attentive mem is, and they have no problem recommending this company to another condo association.
mem can be described as a boutique firm that caters to the needs of owners, residents and boards. mem is happy to conduct routine and spot inspections to maintain architectural harmony and compliance of governing documents, track work orders, and assemble detailed financial reports and budgets to help boards make the best decisions possible.


7. Denali Property Management

With over 18 years of experience as a condominium management company, and a 92% customer retention rate, the numbers pretty much speak for themselves. Denali Property Management is driven by results, but it’s their reliable and friendly service, and state-of-the-art technology that distinguishes them from other companies.
Founder Joseph Guido was frustrated with the inappropriate accounting, customer service, and unfair pricing on construction projects provided by certain condominium managers, so he decided to do something about it.
Denali works with large and small communities, and they respect the needs and budgets of each one of their clients. Denali can help with site inspections, pool and gym maintenance, complex projects, communication, rule enforcement, and much more.


8. Atlantic Management

Atlantic Management has been taking care of condo communities since 1985. The team is highly knowledgeable; Atlantic Management has multiple CPAs on its side, as well as legal support from attorneys who specialize in condominium and real estate law.
Atlantic Management strives to empower condo communities by increasing their investment value through cost-effective, environmental and responsible management. They even claim to have been selected by the courts to become rent receivers on countless properties.

​9. Association Advisors NJ

As one of the most experienced and “hands-on” property management companies in New Jersey, Association Advisors NJ is comfortable working with all types of communities including upscale active adult, luxury high rises, and condo communities. The company can provide and maintain a professional website for a condo community, which enables homeowners to access key information by themselves.
Association Advisors NJ has developed a comprehensive process to evaluate a community’s needs, and once they understand what could be improved or enhanced, the company provides strategy-based solutions.


10. The Jasco Companies

The Jasco Companies manage condo associations, rental properties, and distressed real estate. The company is tactful, and works to find ways to maximize value for their clients while still tending to the needs of residents.
The Jasco Companies will work with clients to improve communications, negotiate on behalf of an association for services such as utilities, snow removal, and landscaping, and ensure the building meets government requirements.


Bonus: self-managed condo communities

Some condo communities may prefer to self-manage. It’s a lot of work, but many boards have done it with great success. Having dynamic, user-friendly property management software can streamline and simplify some of those really tedious or time-consuming tasks. Software like Condo Control Central, for example, allows owners and residents to take care of payments online. Using their own account they can pay for fines, recurring fees, and other miscellaneous items using credit cards, pre-authorized debit, direct withdrawal, electronic funds transfer or ACH payment. Visit our Solutions section to see what else Condo Control Central can do for you.

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