Violation Tracking, New Debit Payment Options and Discussion Forums on Mobile

Date Published : Jun-16-2020

Written By : Phillip Livingston

Our sixth release for 2020 brings some very exciting changes. We are introducing a brand new Violation Tracking feature, we’ve added an Architectural Change request and have given property managers more control over resident requests, we’ve integrated with QuickBooks, we have expanded our payment options to include debit and contactless payments, and we’ve added our Discussion Forum feature to our mobile app. Find more details about each item below.    

New Violation Tracking Feature 

We are excited to release our new Violation Tracking feature. We’ve received dozens of requests from our clients for this feature, and now they can easily log, track and manage violations online.

  • Property managers have the ability to issue many different types of violations
  • They can include a customized message along with the warning letter or violation notice
  • Residents can respond to violation notices and pay fines directly through Condo Control Central
  • Reports can be run on violations to reveal trends and patterns

If you are interested in this feature, please contact your customer success manager to help you set it up.

Architectural Change Request

We have added a new service request type so that boards can process architectural change requests in addition to other service requests that they regularly receive from residents. Authorized users will be able to approve or decline requests, and board members can track the status of all requests. New enhancements to this feature give each board member the ability to vote on whether they want to approve a specific request.

Discussion Forum on Mobile

Our Discussion Forum feature has been added to the CCC mobile app which means residents can keep the conversation going, even when they’re on the go. All desktop functionality is replicated on our app so that residents can create topics in different forums and contribute to discussions directly from their phones. Property managers can also moderate topics or post comments that require approval using the mobile app. This addition offers greater convenience to the entire community.

Building Contact Details

In order to help build better relationships and stronger communication between managers and residents, CCC will prompt users who belong to a Property Management group to update their contact details and hours of operation. Managers will also be able to share additional information such as email addresses, office addresses, etc. With this key contact information available, residents always know the best way to reach their PM if they require assistance.

QuickBooks Integration

We realize accounting platforms are extremely important to our clients’ everyday business. Therefore, we continue to integrate with more and more platforms. Our latest integration is with QuickBooks. This integration is like our other accounting platform integrations where two-way sync is in place. This means contact information such as phone numbers, addresses and email addresses can be updated on either system and they will be reflected in the other. This ensures your data remains up to date and correct in both systems as well as saves you time.

Furthermore, owners can view their account balance, or make a payment from their CCC account. 

New Payment Options

We have expanded our payment options to now include debit and credit payments. We have partnered with Rotessa to make Automated Clearing House (ACH) and Pre-Authorized Debit (PAD) payments possible. This new partnership will allow users to make payments from their chequing or savings account while maintaining the current credit option. The fee for using Rotessa in CCC is a flat fee of $2 per transaction.  

Task Tracking Enhancements

We have made a few time-saving improvements to the Task Tracking feature. Management can now assign tasks to a group, and they can ask board members to vote on certain tasks before they are started. When the team agrees on a decision from the beginning, it’s easier to accomplish tasks. Automatic reminders of upcoming deadlines help ensure that tasks don’t fall behind schedule.

Coming soon…

We’re happy to have completed these improvements for our clients. Now we have more time to focus on items for our next release:

  • Portfolio improvements
  • Asset management
  • Purchase of documents in Online Store
  • Archive function for Unit File

If you have questions about any of our latest updates, please do not hesitate to contact your customer success manager.

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