Photo ID Badges, File Library on Mobile, and Changes to Visitor Parking

Date Published : Nov-23-2020

Written By : Phillip Livingston

We marked fall of 2020 with a new release. We’ve just launched photo ID badges, a new feature that allows authorized users to set up photo ID badges for residents in Condo Control. Our File Library is now available on mobile. We’ve also made several improvements to current features, many of which were requested by our clients. We’ve made a few adjustments to our Service Requests functionality, enhanced our Phonebook, and have added a helpful setting to Visitor Parking. Read on to find out more about these changes.

New Photo ID Badges

We are happy to make photo ID badges available to our clients. Badges can be physical or digital, depending on your needs and preferences. The ID badge allows management or concierge to scan an ID/barcode belonging to a resident or owner, and find all relevant information about the person in one location on CCC.

This new addition makes it much easier for security to know who lives in the building, and who does not have authorization to enter or park in a specific spot.  

If you are interested in this feature, please contact your customer success manager for details.

File Library on Mobile

No matter where they are, residents can now access forms, newsletters and more directly from their phones. The File Library has made its way onto the CCC mobile app, so users can review anything that has been shared in the File Library, and the search bar gives them the ability to find specific items.  

Announcements Page Search Improvement

A new filter has been added to the Announcements page, enabling users to sort announcements by email and push notifications, text and voice messages, templates, lobby display or budget mailout. With this addition, it’s even easier to retrieve old announcements.  


Greater Customization for Service Requests Feature

We have made a few exciting improvements to our Service Requests functionality:

  • Main Topics in the knowledge base were limited to 6. We have moved that limit up to12 topics
  • Custom fields will now be visible in Service Requests Details reports
  • There is a new custom field entitled “attached file.” The field name can be customized to suit the needs or intentions of the user

With more Service Requests information and customization, users spend less time managing service requests, and more time resolving them.


Phonebook Feature now Allows for Secondary Addresses 

Thanks to helpful feedback from our customers, we’ve made a small change to the CCC Phonebook to make it possible to share secondary offsite addresses, providing the Phonebook feature is enabled.

With the option to have mail sent to their secondary address, owners still receive all of the information they need to maintain their property, even if they do not live on the premises. This makes life less stressful for them as they don’t have to worry about missing an important notice or package. 

New Setting to Help Regulate Visitor Parking

Users have access to a new setting that helps regulate visitor parking. Associations can limit parking permits to 1 pass per unit at a time. If a resident has an active permit, then the system will prevent them from creating a new permit before the current one expires.

Minimize overcrowding in your parking area with this new setting. 


Option to Print Out Pass-On Logs

Concierge and other authorized users now have the ability to print pass-on logs on the Security & Concierge console. Set your colleague up for success by preparing and printing out your security log for them to review.  

Minimum Lead Time Option for Amenities

We’ve added a new 12-hour minimum lead time option for amenities. This way, management can have the time they need to have additional cleaning performed, or approve bookings if they choose to do so. 

Coming soon…

We are always working on ways to improve and increase our software’s capabilities. Here are a few things we have in the works:

  • Updates to Violation Tracking
  • File Library Available on Mobile
  • Improvements to Asset Management
  • Digital wallet resident passcard

If you have any questions about any of our latest updates, please do not hesitate to contact your customer success manager.

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