Task on mobile app, Portfolio Enhancements, and more!

Date Published : Mar-26-2019

Written By : Phillip Livingston

Our latest release brings with it some fantastic changes. We have added tasks to mobile, added a new portfolio module, overhauled the file library and improved search performance of the security module.  Read on to learn all about it!


Tasks on Mobile App

Yes, you heard it right. We are excited to announce our Task feature is now available on our mobile app. This allows you to access all of your tasks while on the go. As well, you will find the same functions as on our desktop version: you will be able to create tasks, update, follow, upload attachments, update the status and much more.

We hope you enjoy easier and faster access to your tasks while on the go.



Portfolio Enhancements

If you have multiple workspaces that you manage or oversee, we have now made it even for you to grab the information that matters to you. With this enhancement you can view the following:

  • Workspace activity for all buildings
  • Number of open service requests
  • Total number of units in your portfolio
  • Number of workspaces
  • Dedicated Customer Success Manager contact information

In addition to the newly created dashboard, you will be able to add users to multiple workspaces at once, copy workspace settings to others to maintain the same permissions and access information across the portfolio, plus much more!

This is the first version of this feature so we are looking forward to hearing your comments and feedback about it.  In order to turn it on, please contact your Customer Success Manager. There is no charge but some setup is required.



File Library Overhaul

One of our staple features (the file library) is finally getting a complete overhaul! With this complete change you will now have the ability to do the following within your file library:

  • Sort by file name and by the upload date
  • Ability to search for all files in the library by names, tags, and details
  • Ability to see how much file storage you are using

This change sets the stage for a future change (coming Q2 2019) which will remove the file size upload limit. More details to come.



Improved Security Search Performance

Based on your feedback, we’ve learned that the speed of the security console was a concern for many of you. 

Over the last month we’ve rolled out a change to make use of new, faster search technology.  We’re very excited to announce that this has resulted in faster search (less than 2 seconds) and the ability to search through all the years you’ve been using CCC. This also applies to our Global search located on the top left corner. We are always looking at ways to improve efficiency and will continue to do so in future releases.



Coming soon…

We are always looking for ways our software can serve you better! Here are a few things we are working on for future releases:

  • Increased file size limits
  • Proxy voting on mobile
  • Electronic voting
  • AI-powered package scanning system
  • Valet parking management

If you have any questions about any of our latest updates, please contact your customer success representative.

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