August 2014 Visitor Parking Software Feature Improvements

Date Published : Oct-26-2018

Written By : Dale

This month, we are rolling out several changes to our Visitor Parking feature. These changes will improve the flexibiility of the module and the experience that our customers have when using it. We have setup a separate environment which will be available until September 1 when we will release the changes into our main site. Please login to the separate environment to get comfortable with the enhancements before the September 1. If you encounter any issues, please contact our support team. Please also watch the brief 2 minute video at the bottom of this post for a quick demo of how the new feature works.

Improved restrictions for parking permits

We have made several changes to how our system handles the different restriction rules that many of our customers have regarding their visitor parking:
  1. Maximum permits or overnightsWe have revised the way our system handles limitations some buildings have around maximum numbers of issued permits. We can now define (with your guidance) how many permits or overnight stays per unit are allowed for a given time period. For example, if your building only allows 5 permits per unit per month, then we can setup the system so that this restriction is reflected. 
  2. Maximum permit lengths We have also added a feature that allows you to setup a maximum time for individual permits. So, for example, if your condo only issues permits for a maximum of 2 days, we can setup the system so that your security team cannot issue a parking permit for longer than this period.
  3. Restricted access for resident vehicles The system now has the capability to restrict visitor parking for resident vehicles. Whenever a guard types in a license plate number that belongs to a resident’s registered vehicle, the system will show them a notification and prevent them from saving the record.

Easier selection for permit lengths

Finally, we have included a change to the way permit lengths are specified. Rather than having to pick an end time, users can now select from 1 to 4 nights for a permit. We’ve made sure to include a custom option so if permits require a more specific time, if can still be selected.

Client Action Required

These changes may impact your current visitor parking procedures. In order to ensure a smooth transition, please be sure to log in to our “preview” site using the following link before September 1.

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