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Date Published : Nov-22-2018

Written By : Dale

Fall is in the air. The leaves are changing and it’s time to get your condo winter-ready.
Before the cold sets in it’s important to make sure everything is up and running properly. And that any existing damage is dealt with before snow and ice can cause greater problems. Just as our spring condo maintenance tips prepared us for the summer, fall is the best time to get your condo winter-ready.
We take a look at some of the ways in most important steps in condo maintenance to prepare for the winter season.

HVAC Maintenance

It’s time to make sure your HVAC is in good working order. It’s always best to make sure the system is ready to switch over from cooling to heating before the bitter cold sets in. Waiting too long to get the heat going will result in tenant complaints.
As well, it’s an important time to perform routine maintenance. The winter season is especially tough on HVAC systems. The ducts get a build up of dust, dirt, and debris that affect the air quality and reduce efficiency.
Start. the winter off with a clean and properly functioning HVAC system. It’s the proactive way to prevent system failure and keep heating costs low. Take advantage of condo maintenance tracking to schedule and monitor HVAC maintenance before both the winter and summer months.

Generator & Fuel Storage

In the winter time losing power isn’t an inconvenience, it’s a threat. Plunging your residents into cold and darkness in the midst of an ice storm puts them in danger. The 2013 Toronto Ice Storm left 500,000 residents without power for several days, with 27 fatalities.
Condo managers can keep their residents safe by making sure the building is ready for potential power failure. Before the seasons change, make sure to have the building’s generator & fuel storage professionally inspected.
It’s important to make sure the generator is in good working order, the storage facility is free of damage or risk, and the fuel is ready. Take advantage of task tracking software to ensure every step is complete and your generator is winter-ready.


Inspections of all mechanical work are a necessity before winter begins. Repairs can take longer and may even cost more – depending on demand and accessibility – during the winter. Spending a few extra dollars on mechanical maintenance and inspections before winter can prevent expensive repairs later on.
In addition, all electrical and water systems should be inspected. It’s important to address cracks in pipes and other issues before ice gets a chance to set in and worsen problems.
With the right condo maintenance software, you can easily schedule inspections and repairs at any time. Granting permission to enter online allows security to know who to let in, even if you aren’t present during the time of the maintenance. Their activities are tracked and recorded. This allows condo managers to focus on their other daily tasks.

Check Building Exteriors & Parking Garages for Signs of Damage

Older condominiums are more prone to external damage and cracks in the outer walls and parking garage. However, even the newest buildings are susceptible to damage. These areas suffer the worst of what weather and wear have to offer.
Over the course of winter, any existing issues in these areas are likely to worsen. Water from rain and snowfall seeps into cracks and freezes. This causes the cracks to grow and expand. Not only is this unsightly but, over time, this can result in major repairs.
Before the cold can set in any exposed cracks should be sealed and/or monitored for further damage. The longer you wait to fix the damage, the more expensive repairs become.

Scheduling Winter Walkway Care Plans

During the icy season, walkways become a major hazard, especially in condos with older residents. Slip and falls can result in serious injury and may result in a lawsuit. It’s important to have a plan in place before the first snow falls.
You can minimize risks by scheduling regular shovelling and de-icing of paths. As well, it is important to make sure all paths are well-lit so that residents can see any potential hazards. Have the security team include periodic checks on the walkways, especially during the dark.

Winterize Your Condo Building With Condo Maintenance Software

Winter comes with a fair share of challenges, and no condo is immune to the risks. The most important thing a condo manager can do is be proactive to minimize risks and prepare for emergency scenarios. By taking advantage of all-in-one condo maintenance software winterizing your condo building is easy and convenient.
Scheduling, monitoring, and planning necessary tasks is made simple with online condo management software. Discover why our users love Condo Control Central. Contact us today for information or to schedule a demo. 

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