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Date Published : Oct-26-2018

Written By : Dale

Spring cleaning isn’t just for condo owners and residents, it’s for condo managers as well. Spring is the busiest season for condo maintenance. We help you simply spring cleaning with our tips and condo maintenance software tools.

Common Spring Maintenance Work for Condos

Most of us are happy to welcome the spring. But as the last winter weather fades away, we see evidence of all the upcoming maintenance work. There are two main sources for the sheer amount of spring maintenance work for condos:

  1. Repairing damage from winter
  2. Preparing for summer

Repairing winter damage

Even areas not affected by heavy snowfall can suffer severe damage from winter weather. Ice, cold temperatures, and heavy winds are responsible for a lot of damage to condos.
It’s always important to take care of even minor damages to prevent them from becoming larger problems down the road. Regular maintenance is less time-consuming and expensive than major repairs.
Fixing chipped paint and cracks in walls or walkways is important for maintaining the safety, value, and appearance of your condominium. As well, check pipes for damages. A burst or corroded pipe can create a big problem and it’s best to be proactive.

Preparing for Spring/Summer

In addition to addressing winter damage, you need to make preparations for the change of seasons. As harsh as the cold season is, a lot of work still goes into getting a condo ready for spring and summer.

Testing Alarms

The requirements for testing alarms can vary between 3-6 months. In most cases, the building needs to perform quarterly checks. Ensuring the proper regulation of carbon monoxide and smoke detectors can literally save lives. Be sure to schedule alarm tests for spring with your condo maintenance software.

Duct Cleaning

Keeping air ducts clean is important to the health of your condo residents. Over winter dust, dirt, and debris build up in condo ducts. This affects the air quality, as well as making the building less energy efficient. Condo managers can save the building and it’s residents some money with air duct cleaning.


Addressing landscaping needs early is important for establishing well-maintained lawns and gardens. Schedule aeration early in the rainy season for a greener, healthier lawn.

Garbage Disposal

Remember, residents are doing their spring cleaning as well. Condo managers need to prepare for residents to increase their garbage at this time of year.
You can curb this to some degree with a condo website or forum. A classified section allows people to give away, sell, or trade large items like tables and couches that they may otherwise throw out.

Prepare for Renovations

In many climates, people avoid condo renovations in the winter. The winter weather adds complications that can extend the timeframe or cost of a renovation. As spring rains begin to fade, condo managers can expect to see more renovations. A good condo management app offers key tracking software for elevator keys, as well as managing visitor parking and passes.

Condo Software

Track Labourers & Project Progress With Condo Maintenance Software

All of the spring cleaning and maintenance requires a lot of hands. Labourers, inspectors, repairmen, and landscapers are regularly coming and going. Track their movements with condo maintenance software.
Take advantage of property management record keeping software to book projects and monitor progress. This organizes this busy season, making operations simple and easy to stay on top of. Save yourself time and stress with online tools.
In addition to tracking projects and progress, it’s also important to communicate with residents. Improve condo communication management with property software tools. Alert residents to upcoming repairs, alarm tests, and inspections.
Looking to get your condo ready for the spring? Contact Condo Control Central today for a quote!

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