The average cost of buying a condo in a major city

Moving to a new city and a new environment might excite you in the beginning. But, once you think about all the different costs involved, the idea can seem daunting. Besides the unusual sights and sounds, you must get used to the cost of living, and your accommodation will play a huge role in your […]

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How to prevent packages from getting lost or stolen: Tips for condos

A courier truck pulls up in front of a condo building. The driver unloads dozens of packages and drops them off at the front desk as quickly as possible. While concierge takes the parcels to the mailroom, another courier truck arrives. The packages are left unattended, but only for a few minutes. Unfortunately, it only […]

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HOA Liens

When someone buys a home that belongs to a planned community with covenants, they are generally expected to pay fees and assessments to a homeowners’ association. Though most owners pay these fees without any problems, HOAs can take serious action if an owner refuses to keep up with their financial obligations.   Download our notice […]

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Pro formas for condo developers, sellers and buyers

Whether you are developing, selling or purchasing a condo, a pro forma statement can be a vital tool for decision-making, and minimizing risks associated with investing. But in order to be truly useful, pro forma statements must be based on objective and reliable information. This is the only way to create an accurate projection of […]

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Parking, Pets, Vehicles and Storage: Expanded Jurisdiction for the CAT

Parking, pets, vehicles and storage. These are four issues that can create stress, frustration, and conflict for any condo community. When they become a problem, finding a resolution is generally not a clear or straightforward path, and some owners get to a point where they feel as though litigation is their only option.In Ontario, the […]

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Bill 16: The changes that every co-owner should know about

In Quebec, most condos can be classified as divided co-ownerships. That means the building has private areas (the owners’ units) and common areas that all of the owners share (party rooms, pools, outdoor spaces, etc.).    The Quebec Government passed Bill 16 in December of 2019, and this new law will impact some of the […]

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