HOA welcome letters and packets

HOA welcome packets can help new owners feel more at home, but there’s much more to a good packet than a nice letter and list of rules.    Welcome packets allow associations to showcase the best of the development, including amenities and perks of living in the community, while creating a positive experience and making […]

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Homeowner association newsletter ideas

Some HOAs may be skeptical about launching or reviving a newsletter. “No one reads it.” “It’s too much work.” “We can’t afford it.” We’ve heard all of these concerns before, and they are valid points. But, a well-written, well-designed newsletter can be both affordable and engaging. This article aims to give you some original ideas […]

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Managing requests made by residents

When a dishwasher breaks, or a leak is discovered, condo corporations and HOAs usually have to figure out who should be responsible for making the repair. If the property is rented, then the landlord or owner is generally responsible for fixing the problem. If a resident has purchased the home, then they are likely responsible […]

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HOA communication strategies

At its simplest, an HOA is a governing structure for a planned community. It takes care of certain items, in exchange for a fee, and maintains the atmosphere and value of the community.An HOA also creates CC&Rs, bylaws, and rules and regulations that homeowners need to abide by. Rules are different for every community, but some common rules address […]

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Property Management Template

Property managers have an endless list of responsibilities to take care of. From marketing their client’s property to working with board members to enforce rules, to scheduling maintenance repairs, a property manager doesn’t have much time to waste.There’s a lot of paperwork that comes with managing a condo or HOA association, which ironically, takes up […]

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Tips for writing emails about COVID-19: A guide for condos and HOAs

COVID-19 has rapidly transformed the way that we work and live. Social distancing has become the new normal, meaning we have to find alternative ways to communicate with each other. During this turbulent time, residents are looking to condo and HOA leaders and managers for guidance. If you are in a leadership position, you have […]

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Tracking maintenance requests

Property managers can count on creating maintenance requests. Sometimes they can even plan for scheduled maintenance repairs, however, they can’t always plan for exactly when an elevator will break down or a gate will stop working. Maintaining a condo or HOA could easily be a full-time job, but that is just one of the many […]

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10 tips on marketing your property management company

Are you looking to add more clients to your property management portfolio? It has never been easier than it is today to market and scale your business, thanks to the wide array of marketing tools available. However, this also means that consumers have an unlimited variety of options to choose from. That’s why it’s important […]

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