The Importance Of Having Good Support When Managing A Community

The Pointe on Siesta Key



Executive Summary

Mark Sullivan is a board member who serves The Pointe on Siesta Key community located in Sarasota, Florida. Before finding Condo Control, Mark and his association were using a vendor that was unresponsive and underperforming. The Pointe on Siesta Key didn’t want to continue repeating the same problems. The snowbird community needed a system that offered more useful features, and provided a reliable support system. Condo Control checked off all of the boxes.

About Mark

Mark is a snowbird who spends much of his time at his Florida residence. He is a board member, and an informal technology director for The Pointe on Siesta Key. He started his working career as a software engineer, and earned a master’s degree in computer science. Mark is very comfortable with technology, and appreciates when tech systems work well.

Background Information

The Pointe on Siesta Key, located in Florida, is home to many retired snowbirds. It consists of two towers, each with 61 units. Most residents have two homes. It can be challenging keeping up with what’s going on at The Pointe on Siesta Key if the owners aren’t living there for several months at a time. Condo Control helped to centralize information and made it easier to keep track of resident data.


The management system that The Pointe on Siesta Key was using before Condo Control was not performing the way the community needed it to.

Slow response times from support

Whenever there was an issue with the software that Mark couldn’t resolve on his own, he called the support team. However, it would take days, and sometimes weeks before he received the help he needed. The system would also go down and stay down for days at a time. There didn’t appear to be any urgency to get it back up and running.

Limited feature functionality

“It didn’t provide much of the functionality that we were looking for,” said Mark. The board has certain goals for the community, but the old platform wasn’t making it much easier for members to achieve those goals.


Poor data and document organization

Resident information and documents were all over the place. Some were kept in file cabinets, but it was hard to find anything quickly. This made it harder to manage and connect with community members who don’t live in the same place all year.

The Solution

Attentive customer support team

Mark knew it was time for a change. He started looking for a new platform, and after doing his research, decided on Condo Control. Mark is thrilled with the Condo Control support team and how responsive the staff are. He’s getting the answers he needs in less than a day, and sometimes within an hour. The uptime has also been tremendous.

A comprehensive communication system

“The functionality was spot on with what we were looking for,” shared Mark. Condo Control made it easy for him to connect with all residents, no matter where they were. The association uses the online Announcements feature almost daily to notify owners of things that are happening or are about to take place in the community. The Events feature gives Mark a way to organize meetings and social activities without having to mail out flyers or invites.

A centralized document and data storage center  

Now The Pointe on Siesta Key has all essential data in one location. There is a dedicated place to store documents, and owners can access forms or documents from either of their homes since the items are online. Mark can also build, view and update complete owner profiles that include offsite addresses, email, vehicle information, and more.



The Pointe on Siesta Key is very happy with the way Condo Control has improved communication and operations. It has become remarkably easier for the board to manage the community now that it has access to a strong support team.


Mark and the Condo Board

  • Can manage owner expectations and share information with ease and efficiency
  • Able to leverage the platform’s features to achieve the goals they wanted to accomplish
  • Can always get help if they ever need it
  • Spend less time searching for documents and data


  • Comfortable using the system to access information, forms or documents at any time
  • Have a reliable way to keep up with what’s going on in their community

Feel connected to their community

Final Words

“No matter what platform you pick, if you can’t get it to do what you want it to do, and if you can’t get answers for things you don’t understand, it’s not much use.”