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Send notice of fees to multiple units all at once

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Condo fees can be delivered electronically

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Owners can pay fees online

Notify owners of annual fees through email

With our budget mail-out feature, property managers or board members can send out individualized condo fees through our online platform. Use your own budget mail-out file, or download our simple Excel budget template and fill in the unit number and individual fee columns. Upload your completed file and let the system take care of the rest.

Customize budget announcements

Send an electronic announcement to all owners notifying them of the new budget. There is a special email option just for budget mail-outs. Management has the option to add or remove anything they would like before sending the announcement. They can even drag and drop fields directly into budget announcements. Announcements will be shown as soon as the owners log into their portal.

Enable owners to pay fees online

Owners can stop writing cheques to pay their condo fees. Condo Control gives owners the option to make payments online using a credit card. However, they can always use cheques if they prefer making payments that way. Management can also run reports to see which owners have paid their fees and whose balance is still pending.

Schedule your budget mail-out

Our system automates the mail-out process so you can choose when the budget will be mailed out, specify the deadline for when fees are due, and how much each owner is responsible for paying. You can make changes or upload additional files that need to go out with the budget as long as the send date hasn’t passed.

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