What To Consider Before Hiring A Condo Security Company

Date Published : Jan-16-2019

Written By : Phillip Livingston

A condo community relies on security. Improving condo security means finding a balance between security and convenience. You want to protect the people and the property while minimizing the intrusion upon the lives of the residents. This is best achieved by hiring a good condo security company.

Hiring the best condo security involves finding a company that best matches the needs of your condo property. To do this, we’re taking a look at what you should consider before hiring a security company.



Before you start shopping around, you need to establish a budget. As important as security is, you can’t let payments take away from other important costs like condo maintenance.

If hiring a new security team is going to result in raising condo fees, you will need to have good justification. No one is happy when the condo maintenance fees are too high. You need to sell the residents on the security changes.

Providing examples of existing gaps in security that need attention can help. As well, highlight any benefits for the residents. For example, improving package tracking, amenity booking, and visitor check-in are all security-related and directly benefit the residents.

Find a budget that will allow you to get the most bang for your buck. Minimizing or avoiding increases in maintenance fees while providing better security and service.


Assess Security Risks & Needs

Whether you’re hiring, replacing, or upgrading your condo security company, you need to assess the security risks and needs. This helps to justify the change, as well as giving a clear picture of what to look for from a company.

Consider hiring an outside consultant to look for gaps in your condos security. They can help you discover inefficiencies or missing elements in your security, as well as laying out your options for improvements.

Taking a look at condo complaints can also give a good picture of security elements that are important to the residents. Visitor parking, for instance, is a common issue that better condo security software and services can improve. Whether people are hogging or abusing the visitor parking, you can better regulate the use, making it fair for all residents.

Determine How Their Security Integrates With Your Condo Software

With some companies, bringing a new team in requires expensive hardware installs and new software. If the software doesn’t integrate with your current platform, it can mean hours of training or lost efficiency due to redundancy. The ideal solution is being able to integrate security into your condo software.

You can simplify security and concierge services with cloud-based condo software. Using an online platform avoids expensive hardware and minimizes training. It also keeps information all in one place so it is easy to manage and share.


Improve Condo Security With All-In-One Condo Management Software

Condo Control is an all-in-one condo management software tool. It operates online, making it affordable, accessible, and secure. It keeps all your condo management tools in one easy-to-use system, including condo security software. Contact us today and discover why Condo Control is the really smart way to run your condo.

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