Top 10 HOA management companies in Pennsylvania

Date Published : Jul-26-2022

Written By : Kim Brown

We’ve got so many great things to say about Pennsylvania, but we’ll try to keep it to a few key highlights. Pennsylvania is rich in history; it was one of the thirteen original U.S. founding states. It’s also rich in chocolate. Hershey, the chocolate capital of the United States, is located in Pennsylvania. Hershey Foods Corporation is still the main industry in the region, even though there are plenty of golf courses, a zoo, and a theme park.

When it comes to homeowner associations though, Pennsylvania has far fewer HOA members than some other states of similar size.  

There are roughly 6,800 HOAs in the state, but each community has approximately 190 residents. The upside to this is that communities feel more like neighborhoods. People know each other, and are more likely to be involved and invested in HOA matters.

Another nice thing about this state is that homes are affordable compared to other places in the U.S. The average value of a Pennsylvania home is $263,381, reports Zillow. From May of 2021 to 2022, values have increased by more than 10% – which is significant – but homes are going for more than twice that price in other states.

 As for companies available to manage HOAs, Pennsylvania’s got no shortage of 5-star management teams. Here are 10 businesses worth considering.


1. BIG Realty Property Management

BIG Realty Property Management does it all. The company excels in turnkey management, and works with several individual investors and owners. However, it provides customized HOA/community management services as well. They are qualified to manage accounting services, collections, financial reporting, budgeting, emergency and preventative maintenance services, and meeting operations for small and large communities.


2. Bricck Property Management

People come first when Bricck Property Management is caring for your community. The company was established to redefine the entire property management industry. Using data and technology, and keeping people’s well-being in mind, Bricck aims to ensure that property managers, board members, owners, and entire communities are happy and productive.

Bricck is flexible when it comes to services. Clients can choose from part-time on-site management, full-time on-site management, portfolio management, staffing services and payroll services. All contracts include free training for board and committee members.


3. Esquire Association Management

Esquire Association Management (EAM) competently and professionally addresses the day-to-day issues that impact communities. With its help, boards can focus on strategic matters and make the big changes that are needed to elevate the neighborhood. EAM thoughtfully delivers value to clients, and provides services that other companies cannot match. That includes unlimited phone calls and emails, budget preparation, inspections, meeting attendance, mailings, neighborhood web portals, and collection letters from its law firm, all at no extra charge.


4. Property Management, Inc.

Dedicated to delivering the highest standards of reliability, experience, and professionalism to each client, Property Management, Inc. (PMI), is one of central Pennsylvania’s top-rated management companies.  PMI is quite large and oversees many types of communities, including student housing and commercial buildings.

Its HOA Division cares for over 5,000 homes in over 70 different communities. PMI can confidently assist with assessment collection, future planning, budgeting, homeowner relations, and more.


5. Cranberry Community Management

Cranberry Community Management (CCM) proudly serves HOA and condominium associations in Cranberry Township and surrounding areas. This company can assist with HOA finances, legal matters, maintenance requests and can even guide new communities through transitional periods. There is a small but dedicated team of community managers who are more than prepared to help associations operate at their best.


6. Reese Management Company

Reese Management Company has a mission to get results for its clients by achieving strong home values for the communities it serves. Reese achieves strong home values by solidifying professional partnerships with board members. Trust, communication and transparency are all core values of the company.

Reese harnesses the power of user-friendly technology that boards and homeowners will be excited to use. It strives to make reports and information easy to understand so that community leaders can make the best decisions for their association.


7. CCR Management, Inc.

CCR Management provides a wide range of professional management and consulting services to community associations. The staff has been trained to provide personalized and efficient assistance in the areas of finance, administration, management and maintenance. Each CCR team member has an extensive background in their area of expertise. 

CCR Management is not only experienced. The company provides flexible service, and aims to work with each association’s budgetary requirements.

CCR is an active member of the Community Association Institute (CAI), and encourages its clients to participate in the CAI’s various programs, seminars, etc.


8. B.C. Property Management

B.C. Property Management is made up of a highly talented team. The company has a strong track record of helping associations maintain and increase the value of their communities. The company, located in Doylestown, manages more than 60 residential and commercial associations ranging from 5 to over 200 units.

Some of the services that B.C. Property Management provides includes management planning and rule formation or amendment.


9. Inch & Co. Property Management

Inch & Co. Property Management, LLC, formerly PMU, offers full-service property management to individual property owners and associations. The management firm focuses on 5 key pillars; property management, online communication and services, community building, business and financial services, and association governance.  


10. Paradigm Properties Group, Inc.  

Paradigm Properties is a full-service property management and development company. It specializes in multi-family and commercial real estate. Paradigm has a password-protected portal for each association it serves. Owners can quickly and easily find covenants and regulations, documents and bylaws, forms, information about meetings, and more.

Paradigm is affiliated with the CAI, Pennsylvania Association of Realtors, and several other reputable organizations.


Bonus: Self-Managed Associations

Property management companies are wonderful because they take on some of the most tedious tasks and responsibilities. They can also provide guidance to communities or boards that are still learning what works best for their development. However, not every association needs a company to manage all aspects of HOA operations.  

Self-managed communities can benefit from an online system like Condo Control. The HOA management platform gives boards and owners the tools they need to improve communications, track service requests, document violations, share events and stay on top of accounts payable. Condo Control has flexible plans that accommodate the unique needs of every community. Streamline operations, save money, and gain better control of your HOA.

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