Managing visitors during the coronavirus pandemic

Most of us are not health professionals which is why we are all relying on directives and recommendations from health officials to help us safely navigate COVID-19.Condo corporations should be creating temporary guidelines, rules and procedures for their community based on the credible information they receive from city leaders, doctors and researchers. They have all […]

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Why free security guard apps might not be a good idea

We all love freebies and bargains, but when it comes to the security of your assets, it’s best to stick with a paid option. You might think that free security guard apps are a good deal but when you look closer, you’ll find that they come with a lot of risks. Read on to discover […]

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Building security essentials: Security technologies every building should have

It’s becoming increasingly important for building managers to respond quickly and effectively to security threats. After all, criminals are starting to use more advanced technology to steal information and infiltrate buildings. Taking proper security measures will keep your business running smoothly and efficiently without any interruptions. But, the key to running a property the right […]

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9 Benefits of using a cloud-based guard tour system

A guard tour patrol system is a way to ensure that your security system is effective by keeping the guards productive and accountable. It’s mostly utilized by property managers, security companies, and organizations. There are mainly two guard tour systems available for you to choose from; wand tour guard systems and cloud guard systems. A […]

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Reducing the Stress of Condo Visitor Check-Ins

Managing visitor check-ins can be a headache in any size of condo. The condo manager has to perform a tight balancing act between safety and convenience. It should be easy for residents to host their friends and family, but being too lax can lead to security issues. Today, we explore how to take advantage of […]

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Condo Key Tracking Software | Never Lose A Key Again

Lost condo keys are a common problem. At best, they’re a headache, at worst, a security risk. As a result, condo managers are always on the lookout for better key tracking solutions. Replacing keys and locks can be time-consuming and costly. At the very least, it slows things down and can prevent residents from accessing […]

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Managing Condo Visitors Made Easy

Managing Condo Visitors Made Easy Whether family members, friends, delivery staff, or repairmen, there is no doubt that condos have a high traffic of visitors throughout the day (and night). Fortunately, the ideal condo management software will provide user-friendly tools to assist residents and visitors in simplifying visitor management. Taking advantage of such tools, can […]

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When Visitor Parking is a Scarce Resource

This article was first published in Condo Business on Tuesday,December 8,2015. Many condos offer visitor parking as an amenity, but managing it can become a major headache for the board and management. The source of the headaches could be that there aren’t enough spots, figuring out how to fairly allocate spots, preventing the abuse of […]

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