10 of the best condo management companies in Hawaii

Date Published : Jan-13-2022

Written By : Kim Brown

Who doesn’t want to live in Paradise? Hawaii is the only U.S. state located in the tropics, and it is a gorgeous place to call home. Though it is one of the smallest states, roughly 1.4 million people live on the islands.

The cost of living in Hawaii, especially Honolulu, is high compared to that of other major U.S. cities, but it’s not quite as expensive as New York or San Francisco. It also costs more for Hawaiians to travel to another state, or order international items to their homes.

Nevertheless, Hawaii’s state government expects a 19% growth in population by 2025. It also forecasts that the 2015 to 2025 housing demand, by county, is:

  • 25,847 units for Honolulu,
  • 19,610 for Hawaii,
  • 13,949 for Maui, and
  • 5,287 for Kauai.

Like many places in North America, demand is exceeding supply for single-family homes, driving home costs up. Condos and apartments are a less expensive alternative, though the condo market is still very competitive.

If you belong to a multi-family development, you’re probably familiar with the Association of Apartments Owners (AOAO). In Hawaii, every condominium development is required to have an AOAO. The board members, who are elected condo owners, are responsible for running and maintaining the complex. Board members are volunteers –busy people who may have full-time jobs and other responsibilities. As such, the community may decide to hire a condo management company to help them stay on top of day-to-day operations.

There is no shortage of professional managers in Hawaii, so we’ve put together a list of ten companies that stand out:


1. Hawaiian Properties

Hawaiian Properties is one of the most established companies in Hawaii. It has managed over 30,000 condo units, and brings “aloha” to every property and person it cares for. Hawaii Properties strives to deliver the most professional service possible, with a special emphasis on quick responses and exceptional attention to detail.

Their services include everything from the supervision of contractors, annual meeting preparation and assessment collections. Hawaiian Properties attributes much of its success to effective communications between boards, owners, staff and the community.


2. Hawaiiana Management Company, Ltd.

Hawaiiana Management Company, Ltd. is another prominent management company in Hawaii. It has more than 740 associations under contract on six Hawaiian Islands, including residential associations and resorts. It has a large and capable team of professionals, enabling it to provide personal attention and responsive, proactive service to condo associations.

Hawaiiana states that it is the only company in Hawaii to pass the rigorous standards of accreditation of both the Institute of Real Estate Management and Community Associations Institute. Clients appreciate that this company always prioritizes their best interests.


3. Cen Pac Properties, Inc.

Cen Pac Properties, Inc.’s philosophy for condo management is simple: make sure property owners have exactly what they need. This team works hard to maintain the value of the properties it cares for through proper maintenance programs and regular inspections.

Cen Pac has built a reputation for excellent customer service, reasonable rates and efficient management. It will happily serve small communities, helping condo complexes with as few as nine units. If English is not your first language of choice, the company has staff members who are fluent in Ilokano, Tagalog, and Japanese as well.


4. Dynamic Property Management

Dynamic Property Management specializes in associations of 75 units or less. It understands the needs of small condo communities and knows what to do to keep them happy and productive. With every association that it has managed, the company has improved the development’s cash position, while also keeping the property in as good or better shape than it was before hiring the management professionals.

Dynamic Property management can help advise and provide administrative, managerial and operational direction to condo boards, solicit and evaluate bids for association services, enforce condo rules and much more.


5. Equity Properties, Inc.

Equity Properties, Inc. was created to fulfill the need for quality, professional and tailored property management services in Oahu’s growing real estate market. Founded in 1985, the company is a fully licensed and bonded real estate company that has the skills and ability to take care of everything from sales to management. Equity Properties is a member of both the HCCA and the CAI. It also holds an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and National Association of Rental Property Managers.

Equity Properties offers a collection of in-demand services, and it won’t issue additional charges for newsletter preparation, typing meeting minutes or letters and memorandums.


6. W.E. Denison Corporation

W.E. Denison Corporation has been providing condominium association management services in Honolulu since 1975. The small company specializes in working with larger, more complex properties. These include condo hotel operations, restaurants, time-shares and other mixed-use developments. 

W.E. Denison Corporation says that its average term of service is 20 years. Talk about loyalty! Furthermore, each one of its buildings has an outstanding reputation.

In addition to offering standard services, W.E. Denison Corporation prides itself on keeping residents connected through events and activities.


7. Touchstone Properties Ltd.

Founded in 1990, Touchstone Properties Ltd. is a recognized leader in providing Hawaii condo associations with a full array of property management services. Its diverse portfolio includes some of the state’s most well-known properties.

Touchstone’s commitment to its clients and communities earned it an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. Touchstone is an Accredited Association Management Company by the CAI.

Touchstone’s objectives are to assist the board of directors in establishing goals, policies and procedures and to anticipate and plan for the overall maintenance, operation and management of properties while being mindful of budgets.


8. Cadmus Properties

Cadmus Properties has proudly served the Hawaiian Island for over 30 years. Specializing in residential and commercial investment, association management and sales, Cadmus is a proud family-owned and operated real estate firm.

Cadmus manages over 50 communities across Hawaii. The company takes pride in providing management services that make its clients’ lives easier. Cadmus Properties has maintained an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau for ten years.


9. Destination Maui Inc.

Destination Maui Inc. has over 40 years of experience in community association and property management. As an industry leader, it is dedicated to providing diverse resources to associations with a full suite of management services to meet every need.

Not only does Destination Maui continually work to stay ahead of changes in the industry, but it provides the best back-office support, including having financial statements prepared by full-charge accountants. The company’s founder even developed an electronic voting system, the first of its kind in the industry!

In addition to financial services, Destination Maui provides options for full management services. Full-service contracts can be done with or without placement of on-site personnel.


10. Soleil Management

Soleil Management was established in 2001 and provides management services in Nevada, Hawaii, California, and Florida. The company considers itself one of the most dynamic and resourceful management companies in the region.  It takes care of resorts, vacation properties and condo associations.

Soleil Management acknowledges that each association is unique. Rather than use a boilerplate agreement and services, Soleil will carefully tailor a management program designed specifically for the individual needs of the association.


Bonus: Self-Managed Condominium Complexes

Condo managers can get rid of a community’s biggest problems and help bring fractured complexes back together. But not every condo community can afford to hire a management company.

There are many self-managed condo communities in Hawaii as well. User-friendly platforms like Condo Control can help these communities improve communications, track service requests, document violations, access information online and much more. It’s a simple solution that helps condo boards and owners streamline tasks and save money.

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