Creating a homeowners association violation letter

If you live in or manage a homeowners association, you know that there are pages of rules to follow. At some point, whether on purpose or by accident, someone will break one of those rules. When this happens, the board of directors must try to help the owner correct the behaviour or action so that […]

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The best homeowner association website building software

How important is good communication to your HOA community? Most people would agree that it is imperative, but too many boards and property managers are still grappling with the best way to share and receive information. Download our free HOA website guide HOA websites have proven to be a useful communication tool and can greatly […]

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HOA welcome letters and packets

HOA welcome packets can help new owners feel more at home, but there’s much more to a good packet than a nice letter and list of rules.    Welcome packets allow associations to showcase the best of the development, including amenities and perks of living in the community, while creating a positive experience and making […]

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Who is responsible for HOA dues after foreclosure?

When an owner doesn’t pay their dues, the entire HOA has to deal with the consequences. Fees from owners are factored into an association’s budget, and when owners fall behind on payments, the HOA can’t cover all of its expenses. In very rare cases, homes have had to be foreclosed because owners could not meet […]

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Accounting for HOAs

HOAs cannot operate without revenue. It’s as simple as that. Good accounting is critical to the health and happiness of every HOA development. Managing a multi-million dollar budget is not so simple, however, especially if none of your board members have an accounting background. Accounting can be quite stressful for anyone to navigate, and it’s […]

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A Homeowner association’s guide to choosing a website host

A website is a simple yet effective way to keep your HOA connected and informed. A clean, accessible website allows owners to easily locate HOA news, announcements, resources such as forms or surveys, member directories, and more. It may also serve as an effective marketing tool and can attract buyers to your community. Almost every HOA […]

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