Condo Control Account Payable: An End-To-End Solution For AP Automation                                                                                                         

Featuring vendor, procurement, purchase order and invoice and payment management features Toronto, Canada., July 11, 2022 – Condo Control announced the release of a highly requested Accounts Payable Feature. This new addition is anticipated to become an essential feature, complimenting the property management solutions that customers currently know and love. Users can take full advantage […]

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Free Condo and HOA templates

“Am I doing this right?” HOA and condo board members are responsible for distributing key documents to members of their community, but many members haven’t been taught how to create a budget or proxy voting form. Building important documents from scratch can be perplexing, not to mention time-consuming, which is why we’ve designed and published […]

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The benefits of strata management software

More than 1.5 million people live in stratas in British Columbia. Homeowners and residents are drawn to stratas because they often cost less than single-family homes, and they offer perks like shared amenities and routine maintenance. Unlike condos, stratas are governed by the detailed provincial Strata Property Act. That means each strata must follow a structured […]

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