Condo Control Account Payable: An End-To-End Solution For AP Automation                                                                                                         

Date Published : Jul-11-2022

Written By : Phillip Livingston

Featuring vendor, procurement, purchase order and invoice and payment management features

Toronto, Canada., July 11, 2022 – Condo Control announced the release of a highly requested Accounts Payable Feature. This new addition is anticipated to become an essential feature, complimenting the property management solutions that customers currently know and love. Users can take full advantage of the vendor management, procurement management, purchase order management, and invoice management and payments functionalities, which all work together to create one streamlined workflow.

Condo Control combines simple, practical and powerful tools that improve communications and operations for every user. Condo Control is particularly excited to release its Accounts Payable feature as it digitizes manual processes and drastically reduces the time teams must spend on hiring, managing and paying vendors. Users should expect the product to be clean and flexible. 

So Much More Than A Tool For Managing Invoices

Condo Control’s AP feature brings all aspects of AP management together. The platform is designed to help teams as soon as they decide that materials or services are needed for their community. Users are able to collect vendor credentials so that property managers can be sure that their contractor is certified to do the job.

There is also a vendor portal which will make everyone happy. New and existing vendors get their own secure portfolios, and can use the platform to assign jobs to their teams. New contractors can register with Condo Control in less than five minutes.   

Users have the option to customize purchase order rules which vary from one association to another. This ensure that teams collect all required information the first time, and approval rules are implemented. Purchase orders can be approved from any desktop or laptop. There is no longer a need to set in-person meetings for this type of work. What a relief! 

Finally, when it comes time to pay a vendor, the task can be completed in a couple of clicks. Condo Control allows for batch payments, which gives your team the ability to control cash flow and keep vendors happy.

To see all the latest announcements and feature releases, check out Condo Control’s Resource Hub.  

About Condo Control

In 2006, Brian Bosscher, the CEO and founder of Condo Control, purchased his first condo unit. He soon became frustrated by inefficiencies and lack of communication that plagued his building, so he joined the condo board. During that time, Brian learned about the challenges and road blocks that boards and property managers encounter daily. He started Condo Control in 2008.

14 years and 40+ team members later, Condo Control is helping thousands of clients gain better control of their condos, co-ops and HOAs. Condo Control’s goal is to provide simple property management solutions that change with residential communities as their needs evolve.

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