The benefits of strata management software

More than 1.5 million people live in stratas in British Columbia. Homeowners and residents are drawn to stratas because they often cost less than single-family homes, and they offer perks like shared amenities and routine maintenance. Unlike condos, stratas are governed by the detailed provincial Strata Property Act. That means each strata must follow a structured […]

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Resolving Strata Complaints

When talking about strata council members’ roles and responsibilities, there is almost always an emphasis placed on the requirement to enforce the bylaws and rules. Rule enforcement, while not something council members look forward to, is a critical part of maintaining a safe and enjoyable environment for the people who live in the strata. If […]

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Strata councils: Everything you need to know

A strata council plays a vital role in governing the strata corporation on behalf of owners. It is responsible for making decisions and fulfilling responsibilities that will benefit the corporation and the community.  Council members are granted certain powers that enable them to perform their duties, but they can’t improvise as they go. Over 1.5 […]

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Templates for Managing Strata Corporations

To manage a strata well, you need efficient processes and procedures in place. There are meetings to prepare for, fees to collect and maintenance issues to fix. And who could forget about all of that paperwork! These recurring tasks can easily take up much of your valuable time, especially if you start from scratch each […]

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Strata meetings and agendas

Spontaneity is not often wanted or welcomed when it comes to strata corporation meetings. Agendas help ensure meetings are carried out in an organized, systematic manner. They also enable strata council members to properly prepare for questions or issues that will take precedence during the meeting. When strata owners are sent an official notice of […]

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Strata council meeting minutes

Take note! The Strata Property Act has specific requirements for strata meetings. These requirements help guide strata corporations when they are conducting important business, and ensure they govern themselves democratically. Minutes of strata council meetings are part of this regulated process. Minutes must be taken. Furthermore, they must be available for review two weeks after […]

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Top 10 strata management companies in Vancouver

Vancouver is famous for its scenic views, temperate climate and friendly people. The City of Vancouver is a popular tourist attraction, but it’s also one amazing place to live. Strata properties are popular housing options in Vancouver (and the rest of British Columbia) because they are convenient, secure, and offer perks that other properties don’t. According […]

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Effectively managing a strata

Much like condo corporations, some strata corporations elect to hire a property manager for their community. Property managers are generally responsible for managing a community’s daily operations and carrying out policies established by the strata council. They work hard to ensure the development runs smoothly, and that lines of communication between council members and owners […]

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What you need to know about the Strata Property Act

The Strata Property Act, along with a strata’s bylaws and rules, provides the legal framework under which all strata corporations must operate in British Columbia. Even though stratas are self-governed, strata owners and residents must use the legislative framework to inform their actions and rules.   Defining a strata The term “strata” is generally used as a synonym for a […]

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