Top 10 strata management companies in Vancouver

Date Published : Dec-23-2020

Written By : Kim Brown

Vancouver is famous for its scenic views, temperate climate and friendly people. The City of Vancouver is a popular tourist attraction, but it’s also one amazing place to live.

Strata properties are popular housing options in Vancouver (and the rest of British Columbia) because they are convenient, secure, and offer perks that other properties don’t. According to the government, over 1.5 million B.C. residents live in strata housing! 

Strata property management companies help keep these vibrant communities at their best, and offer a range of services that many communities appreciate. There are dozens of great companies to choose from, but we thought we’d help you discover some of the finest in Vancouver.


1. Rancho Management 

Rancho Management is one of the largest strata management companies in the region. It currently has a team of 30 agents and managers. But, it’s not just its size that sets the company apart.

Rancho consistently provides a high level of service to clients, and it can do this in part because it has had the same Canadian owners for over 35 years. It embraces technology and is always looking for ways to improve its services. For example, it has an online portal that allows users to access strata documents, update and change contact information, book amenities and view personal account information.  

Rancho takes care of maintenance, reviews and pays invoices, ensures the strata has adequate insurance, and reviews the strata’s bylaws with council. It also can arrange for neighbourhood bike patrols to help ensure the safety of clients, and their homes. That’s not something you see every day.

Clients who have had the chance to work with Rancho Management say the company has well-established policies and procedures, and experienced managers. Staff are responsible and polite, and are always going above and beyond to make sure owners’ issues are handled swiftly.  


2. Stratawest Management Ltd. 

Providing exemplary property management services to the Lower Mainland since 1992, Stratawest Management Ltd. is a locally owned and operated company specializing in the management of strata corporations. Stratawest helps clients with three major areas: financial management, administrative assistance and building/asset management.

Happy clients like working with Stratawest because the staff are helpful, very knowledgeable and extremely professional. The managers respond quickly and give owners the actual answers they are looking for (instead of giving general or vague answers). They are very proactive, and true leaders in the industry.


3. Pacific Quorum 

Pacific Quorum’s primary focus is on people. It strives to foster genuine relationships, supporting a foundation of trust and confidence. This directly contributes to the successful management of dynamic stratas. Pacific Quorum cares for communities throughout Metro Vancouver, the Fraser Valley, Whistler/Squamish, and the Okanagan Valley. The company was founded in 1997, and has grown into one of British Columbia’s largest locally owned and operated property management service providers.

The company provides a full range of services, including online access to important strata documents, regular guidance regarding the interpretation of the Strata Property Act as it pertains to day-to-day operations, long-term planning, assistance with the preparation and administration of depreciation reports, and assistance with annual budgets.

Pacific Quorum has been recognized as one of Canada’s Fastest-Growing Companies by Growth 500 for seven consecutive years! Furthermore, it has earned numerous service awards (most recently, the 2020 Top Choice Award as Vancouver’s Top Property Management Company).


4. Fort Park Real Estate 

Fort Park Property Management and Real Estate was designed as a solution to a common reoccurring challenge that owners in small stratas experience; finding a management company that does a first-class job. Fort Park found that there was an unfulfilled demand in the market for companies willing to manage smaller to mid-sized strata buildings under 150 units at a reasonable price.

Fort Park positions itself as a boutique, full-service company. Because it is a smaller firm, Fort Park can be extremely flexible in responding to its clients’ needs, and can provide them with the attention they are looking for. It offers services in several languages, including English, French, Cantonese, and Mandarin.

Fort Park has a coveted 5-star rating on Google, so you know it is doing something right.  


5. Tribe Management 

Tribe Management’s collaborative model combines people-forward service with technology, giving clients easy access to the information and services they need. It is currently caring for 160 communities across the Lower Mainland.

The Tribe team strives to build positive long-term relationships with council members and owners. To do this, it prioritizes transparency when dealing with the community by ensuring owners have all the information they need regarding their property. Tribe truly believes in harmonious, inclusive and informed community living. For Tribe, community management is largely about increasing social capital.


6. West Coast Property Management 

West Coast Property Management provides strata communities with customized, team-based management solutions. It helps facilitate ongoing community improvements for the future.

In addition to fulfilling all regulatory and administrative requirements for each of their clients under the Strata Property Act, West Coast Property Management provides an elevated customer service experience through its dedicated team approach. Each corporation is given one dedicated point of contact for all community needs.

If you’re worried about switching from one company to another, West Coast has developed a robust transition process to ensure the smooth transition of the property. This includes an in-depth community review to identify efficiencies that could improve operations, as well as focusing on any outstanding projects for completion.

West Coast services a variety of community structures such as townhomes, apartments, and high-rise buildings. It understands that all communities are truly unique, and implements a customized management solution to engage all owners for the betterment of the strata.


7. 604 Real Estate 

604 Real Estate operates a boutique-style enterprise. Its team of skilled staff offer expertise in various facets of property management, and personal attention is guaranteed.

Big or small, 604 Real Estate has a management plan to suit your property’s needs and requirements. It has a solid offering of basic strata management plans, and more intricate, personalized plans.

604 Real Estate understands that providing quality leadership and controlling costs is a large part of strata property management. It will work hard with its clients to maintain each owner’s investment and ensure the strata has a stable financial base.


8. C&C Property Group Ltd. 

Since 1996, C&C Property Group Ltd. has provided professional management to strata corporations throughout the Greater Vancouver area.

Staff are courteous, responsive and cooperative. C&C deliver effective management while adjusting to each community’s needs. It remains persistent when helping a client through a challenging management situation, and offers practical solutions to each of its clients.

This company strives to meet its clients’ diverse needs by offering two management models: full management, ideal for clients requiring complete property management services, and administrative management, ideal for clients requiring only accounting and administrative services.


9. TRG, The Residential Group Realty 

The Residential Group Realty is committed to providing its clients positive, professional and ethical

 standards of conduct. By embracing these timeless principles and coupling them with a zeal for quality results, it stands out as one of Vancouver’s best strata management companies.

TRG has been operating since 2006. It endeavours to collaborate with each client to identify and meet their specific needs. Depending on your unique expectations, TRG provides on-site building management, and maintains relationships with highly qualified tradespeople that provide exceptional maintenance and repair. TRG takes a proactive approach to building management, which helps to keep residents happy.


10. FirstService Residential BC 

FirstService Residential is recognized all over North America. It is a very large company that provides full-service strata management to communities across Metro Vancouver.

FirstService has the experience and resources that strata corporations are looking for. The staff treat properties as if they were their own, and know exactly how to increase efficiencies and decrease costs.


Bonus: Self-Managed Properties

There is no shortage of property management companies to choose from in Vancouver. However, some strata communities may find success using strata management software. Not only is it cost-effective, it is highly customizable, and can grow with your community.

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