Using Condo Control To Modernize An HOA Community

The Greenway Condominium



Executive Summary

Troy Sullivan is the Director of Operations for The Greenway Condominium, an HOA community located in Houston, Texas. The association offers many luxury services, including house cleaning and valet parking. The old, manual processes that The Greenway staff were using was one of the HOA’s biggest drawbacks. Troy and the board were ready to automate communications and modernize operations, which is why they selected Condo Control.

About Troy

Troy oversees the day-to-day operations of The Greenway. He knows his clients very well, and the homeowners like him. He is friendly, patient, and easy to talk to. Troy appreciates details and data, as they both help him excel in his role.

Background Information

The Greenway is a luxury high-rise community, recognized for sustaining excellence. It consists of 381 units, shared between two towers. Despite its large size, The Greenway is a tight-knit community. It is family-oriented, but all types of residents live at The Greenway. Packages were a big problem, and staff were having to manually process 100 or more deliveries each day. Once they started using Condo Control’s Package Scanning feature, the staff saved countless hours.


The Greenway was being slowed down by manual processes. These old ways of doing things caused delays and frustrations for staff and residents.

Manual package processing

“We had two different systems that we used for packages and most of it was a manual, ticketed system.” Troy said concierge staff were expected to put a ticket in the resident’s mailbox to let them know they had a package. It would take them hours to handwrite all of those tickets for all of the packages that they were given after a delivery. On occasion, staff missed a ticket for an important gift, such as a birthday present. Residents would be upset and disappointed.

Difficulty reaching every resident

Troy explained that the team did its best to keep a good database of all of the residents, but they would have to send out messages in two or three batches since they couldn’t fit in all of the email addresses in one delivery. As a result, they would end up missing two or three residents. This becomes problematic when the message is about the water being turned off, or some other issue that would have a direct impact on residents. It also became a nightmare trying to remember to remove and add emails when residents left or moved into the community.

Valuable paper documents at risk of being lost

The Greenway was originally built in 1981. So there are documents that the management team cares for that are more than 40 years old. “They’re getting brittle, and we were afraid about what would happen to them.” They needed to do something to preserve the history of the property.

The Solution

The Greenway board tasked a team to find a software platform that would make life easier for The Greenway community and bring them into the 21st century. After assessing the options, Condo Control stood out as the ideal solution.

An automated package scanning solution

Condo Control’s Package Scanning feature lets concierge staff scan parcels using the Condo Control app and their smartphones. The app will recognize the recipients’ details on the package, and sync with the unit file to quickly log the package. A notice is automatically sent to the resident to let them know their item has arrived. Troy says this feature has saved the staff hours of time. Human error is also significantly reduced.

Plus, Condo Control’s statistics allow Troy to see exactly how many parcels are being dropped off each month. This helps him plan and make the appropriate changes for very busy months. The chart above shows the number of packages the Greenway team process from April 2021 to March 2022.

A modern communication system that includes everyone

Troy loves the Announcements feature because it simplifies and improves communication. “We used to have to put the announcement for an event on a bulletin board, and then have to remember to take it down after the event ended. With the Announcements feature, I can post it, put an expiry date on it and I don’t have to remember to remove it. That just makes my life so much easier.”

This graphic shows how many announcements were created and sent between April 2021 and March 2022.

A digital storage space that will protect documents indefinitely

Thanks to Condo Control’s File Library, The Greenway’s old brittle documents are now safe. Troy had to take some time to scan and upload these items, but now that they’ve been digitally archived, he feels a lot better. “We don’t have to worry about losing them and that has definitely been a lifesaver.”


The Greenway is very pleased with the Condo Control platform. Even older residents who aren’t always comfortable using technology can navigate this system with ease. Best of all, Troy and his team have modernized manual processes to elevate services and operations.


  • Can make better decisions based on data
  • Able to reach the entire community with one email
  • Spends less time fixing mistakes
  • Has more time to focus on bigger tasks and projects


  • Saved countless hours processing parcels
  • Can provide more efficient services to residents
  • Are more productive and collaborative


  • Can do more for themselves, including book amenities
  • Receive the information they need, when they need it
  • Know that Condo Control will be there to help them if they ever have questions
  • Have access to features that support a luxury community


Final Words

“Condo Control has definitely made us more efficient, and countless hours have been added back to our workweek.”