Top 10 condo management companies in Calgary

Date Published : Dec-08-2020

Written By : Kim Brown

Calgary is Alberta’s most populous city. It had a population of 1,285,711 in 2019, and while the density may be considered low compared to other major cities, the quality of life is high. The real estate market is accessible, and Calgarians don’t have to compete in bidding wars to find their dream homes. Condos in Calgary are affordable and spacious. Moreover, Calgary has some first-rate condo management companies to care for all of the vibrant condo communities in the area. If you happen to be in the market for a trustworthy team that will help your building thrive, check out these 10 companies.  


1. Simco Management

Simco Management is Calgary’s go-to professional management company. With over 35 years of experience, Simco has had the time and gained the experience needed to create a management company that sets itself apart from other industry leaders.

The Simco team makes regular on-site inspections to ensure common areas are clean and functional, address complaints in a timely manner, and enforce rules and regulations. Most importantly, they share news, updates and issues with residents, owners, and tenants.

Simcoe’s professionals know exactly how to help boards with accounting needs, insurance requirements, repairs and maintenance tasks. Simcoe understands that it’s the little extras that make a big difference, which is why they equip residents and owners with a simple and effective communication portal, and connect boards to trustworthy contractors. They even have a designated after-hours emergency line that clients can call if they run into issues late at night or during the weekends.

People who have had the opportunity to work with property managers from Simco say that they genuinely value the relationships they build together. The staff are kind, professional and always willing to help in whatever way they can.


2. Equium Group

Founded in 2011, Equium Group is a fully integrated real estate organization specializing in condominium and residential real estate services. Their current portfolio under management is valued in excess of $1.5 billion, so you know they’re doing something right.

If that isn’t impressive enough, Equium Group clinched the Consumer’s Choice Award for top Property Management company in Southern Alberta in 2019 and 2020. It was also named one of Canada’s Fastest Growing Companies by Maclean’s Magazine, Canadian Business Magazine, and The Globe & Mail’s Report on Business in 2018, 2019 and 2020.

How has the company gained so much success in such a short time? Equium understands that no two condos are alike, and only customized services can meet the demands and expectations of residents and owners. Equium provides proactive property management services, with an emphasis on stabilizing operating budgets through administrative and operational efficiencies. Some of their services include in-house building operations, capital planning and project management, and implementation of best management practices with an emphasis on environmental stewardship in a pre-built environment.


3. New Leaf Properties

Few property management companies can provide the simplicity and effectiveness that New Leaf offers. Its unique partnership approach, coupled with its diverse and transparent communication services, has positioned this company as one of Calgary’s leading condo management providers.

New Leaf offers personalized services, transparent billing and a team of reliable professionals. The company can confidently help any condo with facility maintenance, garbage disposal, condo fee collection, and more.


4. Karen King & Associates Inc.

Karen King & Associates Inc. is a mighty company making a significant difference for condo residents and boards. It promises to keep condo fees low and property values high, without sacrificing the quality of service, and it looks like the company has successfully delivered on this promise.

Karen King will work with condos to improve bookkeeping, administrative issues and property management. Its strategies are definitely working; just look at what some clients have said about the company:

“Our condo fees went down and the place looks great.”

“They consistently go above and beyond what is needed, and are always professional, clear and timely in their response to issues that arise. They have made my work on the board so much easier. Their reputation with contractors is also great.”

“I’ve been very impressed with the response and help I’ve gotten from this management company. As a condo owner, I’ve been kept informed of the happenings affecting the bylaws and residents in good order and have had any requests or queries handled promptly and efficiently. I’m glad that Karen King & Associates is the management company for my property.”


5. GO SMART Property Managers

GO SMART Property Managers is a privately owned and operated full-service company of condominium, rental, and asset property management. It has been serving Calgary and surrounding communities since 1995.

When you work with GO SMART, you can expect dependable day-to-day administration, long-term plans based on data and facts, and accurate financial management and reporting. GO SMART’s accounting team is exceptional and worth highlighting. The department is operated by skilled accountants, and the administrative staff have a background in business administration and management. 


6. Associa C-ERA Property Management & Realty

The experts at Associa C-ERA Property Management & Realty have years of proven experience delivering full-service management to condo communities in Calgary.

 C-ERA excels at condo conversion and reserve fund studies. They are equipped to provide smaller-scale services, but can take charge of more extensive projects as well. Clients who have worked with C-ERA say that the team members take pride in their work, act professionally, and are very responsive.


7. Barclay Street Real Estate

As a locally owned property management firm, Barclay Street Real Estate’s team has been serving condo communities throughout western Canada for over 40 years. Barclay Street genuinely cares about their clients, and works hard to provide them with services that will help them become more productive and successful. The staff bring professionalism and experience to each community that they serve.

Barclay Street offers several services that boards generally look for, including service provider selection and supervision, development of health/safety and security programs, project management, and budget and financial reporting preparation and management. 


8. Emerald Management and Realty Ltd.

Emerald Management and Realty Ltd. is a family-owned and operated property management company. It has over 40 years of experience. It has developed critical relationships with companies and contractors all over the city. As such, the company has access to essential services like landscaping, snow removal and plumbing, at a more affordable rate. Emerald can pass those savings on to your condo corporation.

The company takes extra care to provide condos with guidance on policies and bylaws. Emerald’s team members have an invaluable breadth of experience when it comes to managing condo corporations. As a result, it can provide guidance on policies and bylaws based on best practices that have either been researched by the company’s team members, or have been implemented by the team.

Emerald has several outstanding qualities, but clients continue to note how professional and responsive the company is. If a client ever experiences difficulties getting in touch with their manager, someone else will make themselves available to assist. Emerald also takes advantage of technology, such as online repair requests, which clients appreciate.


9. Astoria Asset Management Ltd.

Established in 2005, Astoria Asset Management Ltd. is Airdrie’s first locally owned and operated company. The management company was expanded to Cochrane in 2009, and reached Calgary in 2011.

Astoria cares about the success of the properties and communities it manages, and it strives to create long-term relationships with its valued clients. Staff take great care when making decisions to ensure the outcomes will benefit the property. Astoria works hard to proactively maintain and address any operational or financial obstacles a property may face.

Some of Astoria’s key services include customized management agreements (including smaller unit condominium agreements), accounting, administration, site-staffing, owner/board mediation, and reserve fund study.


10. ASSET WEST Property Management Ltd.

ASSET WEST is actively engaged in helping condo communities in Calgary and other major areas in western Canada. It has a reputation for being a personal, professional, cost-effective, and results-driven management organization. ASSET WEST manages only a select number of properties for clients so that it can continue to provide top-level service.

ASSET WEST has found that condominium management is often mistaken as simply the collection of fees and payment of bills. However, true condominium management accomplishes goal-setting, planning, budgets, financial, fiscal and operational considerations, board/unit-owner relations, property maintenance routines, and much more. ASSET WEST is equipped to help communities with any challenges they may be struggling to solve.


Bonus: Self-Managed Properties

There are dozens of property management companies available to help your Calgary condo community. However, some condos may prefer to manage their own buildings using condo management software. Not only is it cost-effective, it is also highly customizable, flexible, and it never needs a day off.

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