How to Pick the Best Property Management Software for Condos

Date Published : Oct-26-2018

Written By : Kim Brown

Condo management doesn’t have to be overwhelming. In fact, you should be able to perform a number of tasks with a few clicks on your screen. The benefits of using property management software for condos are endless. Yes, new technology can be intimidating at first, but the right software and tools can make your property management more effective, automating operations, improving communication between residents, owners, and board, and it is cost effective for everyone involved. But with so many options available and with technology constantly changing, how do you pick the best condo property management software?

Here is a guide to choosing the best condo management software and tools that will fulfil your needs, giving you the functionality that you deserve.

Tools – Assess Your Needs & Research

Condo property management software should have features that will make performing your daily tasks more efficient. Top favorite features to look for include the ability to make announcements – making communication easier, the ability to send/receive and track service requests (some of the best software will even have the option to attach pictures), amenity booking (including payment features), and security and concierge features that allow residents and owners to check in visitors and even track packages!

Make a list of different software available, their main services, and the extra features. Those extras are often valuable and make a world of difference when it comes to being efficient, and yes… there is always the convenience factor, too!

Mobile Services and Apps
The best condo management software will have mobile services and a dedicated, user-friendly app. Being able to perform tasks on the go is crucial to owners, managers and residents. Among other benefits, it streamlines the operational process by going paperless – effectively delivering communications electronically to owners and residents.

A company providing property management software with the latest technology shows clients that they are paying attention to their needs and to advances in technology. Keep in mind that technology is ever changing and working with a company that keeps up with those changes will ensure that you will always have the best features and services available to you.

Demos & Training

Does the vendor provide online demos and training materials for setup and use? The ideal property manager software company will offer not only that but also support and training during and after implementation. 


There are a number of condo software management options out there and for every budget, but when looking at cost, always take into consideration the available support and training during and after implementation. Is training provided online, in-person, or both? Compare the cost to the savings – and don’t forget to factor in the time that you will be saving!

Future Goals & Capability

The ideal condo management software will support the growth of your business. Keep in mind the number of users and its ability to fit those needs.

Reviews and Testimonials

It’s always a good idea to do background research on the company and its product and services. Look at the condo management software company’s reviews and testimonials, and if needed, request to speak to current customers.
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