ButterflyMX & Condo Control integrate to increase safety & satisfaction for multifamily homes

Date Published : Sep-26-2022

Written By : Kim Brown

On any given day, there could be hundreds of people entering your multifamily building. Traffic
throughout the building is most commonly made up of residents and their guests, but package
couriers, service providers, and staff members, make up a large portion too. Providing a simple
and secure way to grant access to those who are entering your building is top priority, but
creating a seamless way for staff to manage that access is just as important.

ButterflyMX has recognized the importance of this and is offering an effective, all-in-one access


ButterflyMX: Property access made simple

ButterflyMX is a property technology company that specializes in smartphone-based access control. In short, ButterflyMX’s unified property access solution gives you and your residents the ability to unlock doors, elevators, and even gates and garages using a smartphone.


Elevate the resident experience

Instead of requiring residents to change out of their comfy clothes, put on shoes, and come down 10 levels to retrieve their grocery delivery or let a guest in, they can open the door or gate from anywhere in the world using:

  • Their phone
  • Voice-enabled assistant (Alexa or Siri)
  • An Apple Watch
  • Door pin
  • Virtual key

Residents can also use the video feature to see who’s at the door before they open it.

Tenants who don’t have a smartphone were not forgotten. ButterflyMX works with landlines as
well. A call is placed when the resident has a visitor, and they simply press “9” to open the door.
Those who have children or employ dog walkers or cleaners can also assign virtual keys for
managed access. This alleviates the need for people to purchase an extra fob. It also alleviates
the concern that tenants are copying keys and handing them out to guests. With ButterflyMX,
tenants and ButterflyMX property admins can revoke access whenever they choose to.


Improve safety at your property

With ButterflyMX, property managers can easily monitor who has entered their buildings. They can choose to review door entry logs and see date-stamped photos of all door entries.

Managers also have control over resident permissions. They can customize what tenants can and cannot do with the platform, as well as grant remote property access from their phone or computer. This comes in handy when there is a repair person that needs to get in but you aren’t onsite yet.

Best of all, managers can integrate their property management system with ButterflyMX so that resident directory updates made on the system are automatically reflected on ButterflyMX.


Condo Control: Property management made simple

If you’re not already using Condo Control, these are the reasons why other property managers trust this company to simplify property management for them. As a leading software platform, Condo Control prides itself on being simple but robust. It is backed by an award-winning support team, and it uses real client feedback when trying to decide what features to add or improve on.

  • Condo Control has been in the property management industry for 14 years
  • It has been rated the best property management software overall by real users
  • It has 40+ features that address communications, record-keeping, operations, and security  
  • It integrates with other software solutions, including ButterflyMX


Benefits of using ButterflyMX and Condo Control

By combining Condo Control with ButterflyMX, property managers cut time spent on manual data entry in half. If a tenant is removed from Condo Control’s resident database, they are automatically removed from ButterflyMX, too.

Managers don’t have to worry about creating additional key cards or fobs for guests when ButterflyMX lets you create virtual keys. For additional security, residents can use the authorized entry feature on Condo Control so that concierge can confirm they have permission to enter a unit before letting them in.

Residents and management can access both platforms from their phones, making it easier for them to take control of guest management.

For more information about how to get started with ButterflyMX, contact their team! And to find out how Condo Control can help you manage your community, connect with us here. 

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