10 ways to be a successful community association manager

Most community associations don’t have the time or expertise needed to manage their assets, oversee day-to-day operations, and maintain regular communication with owners. That’s why they hire a community association manager to take care of all the different aspects involved in preserving the value and harmony of their property.  If you want to become a […]

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Creating a homeowners association violation letter

If you live in or manage a homeowners association, you know that there are pages of rules to follow. At some point, whether on purpose or by accident, someone will break one of those rules. When this happens, the board of directors must try to help the owner correct the behaviour or action so that […]

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The average cost of buying a condo in a major city

Moving to a new city and a new environment might excite you in the beginning. But, once you think about all the different costs involved, the idea can seem daunting. Besides the unusual sights and sounds, you must get used to the cost of living, and your accommodation will play a huge role in your […]

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Average cost of condo fees and how to reduce it

Besides making monthly mortgage payments, condo owners must pay condo fees as well.  This amount covers maintenance costs for common areas in the condo building and it contributes to a rainy day fund. Sounds fair enough, right? Problem is, there’s no benchmark to how much condo fees should cost. In some places, it’s $50 while others […]

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Pro formas for condo developers, sellers and buyers

Whether you are developing, selling or purchasing a condo, a pro forma statement can be a vital tool for decision-making, and minimizing risks associated with investing. But in order to be truly useful, pro forma statements must be based on objective and reliable information. This is the only way to create an accurate projection of […]

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A guide to condo newsletters

Condo buildings are like miniature ecosystems. Though residents follow the same rules and share the same amenities, they often lead very different lives. Some people are always on the go, others are almost always at home. Some like to be social and get to know the people on their floor, others may not know who […]

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Condo Control wins Best Property Management Solutions of 2020

Good property management matters. It is the difference between chaotic communities and happy communities, structure and disorder, inefficiency and productivity. Good property management software platforms help condos and HOAs move away from chaos and gain control. Great programs help communities become more cohesive, and save a little money, too. Crozdeck recently created a list of […]

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HOA surveys: Collecting feedback from your community

An association is the sum of its members. While the board of directors is charged with upholding specific responsibilities, the fate of the association ultimately lies in the hands of the owners.In order to operate at its best, an HOA needs funding, and most of that money comes from owners. These community members also must […]

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Condo Control Central is now Condo Control

Our team is always working on enhancements and improvements. We make monthly updates to our software to ensure that our clients are getting the best experience possible. It’s important to us to provide you with a product that is effective, dynamic and easy to use. After all, our goal is to make property management easier […]

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Condo Control wins award for best rental property management software

Managing rental properties comes with its own unique set of challenges and tasks. Fortunately, good software can bring order and stability to an otherwise chaotic process. Digital.com realized that property managers and landlords have several options to choose from, perhaps too many options, which is why they decided to evaluate and recognize the top rental […]

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HOA committee charters

HOA committees can be incredibly helpful to boards, and the HOA as a whole. A well-organized committee can shorten the long-to-do list for busy board members, and build a more productive and cohesive community. However, it’s important for HOAs to only create committees that are needed. Each committee must have a clear and defined purpose, […]

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