Property management software for accounting

Accounting is a tedious, but crucial responsibility for condo and HOA property managers. Information is power, and management needs to be deeply familiar with the financial health of their properties in order to plan for the present and the future. If you care for a community, you may have to take on this role yourself, […]

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Using QuickBooks for property management

Property management companies have their own set of special needs and requirements when it comes to accounting. They may have to process thousands of payments from dozens of different communities, document different invoices from multiple vendors, and let’s not even start on the amount of time it takes to organize and file taxes.It’s a lot […]

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QuickBooks vs. property management software: Which one to choose?

Thinking about investing in software to help you manage your properties? That’s a smart idea. Most property managers who choose to use a software system only regret that they didn’t make the decision sooner. However, selecting the perfect program can be a stressful process. There are a lot of options to consider, and what works […]

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How to use QuickBooks for HOA management

It never hurts to have help if you’re responsible for managing an HOA. Not only do you have to enforce rules, attend meetings, help owners, work with boards and maintain your properties. You also have to create budgets, collect fees from owners, and make payments to staff and contractors.Accounting can be intimidating – a small […]

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Collecting fees electronically

It’s not business as usual for any condo community or HOA right now. Some homeowners have been temporarily laid off because of COVID-19. Wages have been drastically reduced for others. People are struggling to make ends meet. Managers and boards may be asking if they can defer or reduce monthly fees to help ease the […]

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How Condo Managers Decrease Costs By Going Green

Condo managers are getting in the black by going green. Green strategies improve property value, decrease operational costs, and improve efficiency. In this article, we provide tips on how to reduce costs of your building by going green. Consumer Desire for Sustainability The condo market is undergoing a massive shift, with more units being bought […]

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