Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

As electric cars become more common, the demand for charging stations is increasing. Electric cars are mostly used by people who live and work in or near cities, which makes up a large portion of condo owners. Parking is already one of the toughest challenges in managing shared condo spaces. Trying to accommodate electric vehicle […]

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Resolving Disputes Between Condo Neighbours

Everyone wants to live in a stress-free environment. Unfortunately, even in cases where condo owners and residents are well aware of the rules and regulations, there will be times when disputes between condo neighbours are unavoidable. Such situations can quickly escalate, becoming frustrating not only for the residents involved but also for the entire condo […]

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How To Be A More Effective Condo Board Member | Tips & Tricks

From repairs and upgrades, to budgets, rules and regulations, the board of directors is crucial to ensure that everything runs smoothly. Essentially, without a board, owning a condo can turn into a nightmare. There is no doubt that being a board member can be challenging and frustrating at times, but with the right condo board […]

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Condo Key Tracking Software | Never Lose A Key Again

Lost condo keys are a common problem. At best, they’re a headache, at worst, a security risk. As a result, condo managers are always on the lookout for better key tracking solutions. Replacing keys and locks can be time-consuming and costly. At the very least, it slows things down and can prevent residents from accessing […]

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Managing Condo Visitors Made Easy

Managing Condo Visitors Made Easy Whether family members, friends, delivery staff, or repairmen, there is no doubt that condos have a high traffic of visitors throughout the day (and night). Fortunately, the ideal condo management software will provide user-friendly tools to assist residents and visitors in simplifying visitor management. Taking advantage of such tools, can […]

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Six Tips for Reaching Quorum at Your Next AGM

The Annual General Meeting is considered the most important meeting of the entire year for many organizations and this is no different when it comes to Condominium Corporations. Not only is it a legal requirement under the Condominium Act, it is also a forum where Corporations conduct important business. However, despite the importance of the […]

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Are Your Condo Maintenance Fees Too High?

6 ways to tell if you’re paying too much for condo fees. When you are looking to buy a condo, there are a lot of things to consider before making a decision. For example: is there a parking space included? What kind of amenities are offered in the building? Does the building have a 24×7 […]

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Condo Management Technology vs. Home Automation

The automation of our manual work has slowly but surely been happening right before our eyes for over a century. The beginning of the 1900’s saw the change from literal horsepower to figurative horsepower in the shift from buggies to cars, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg (or should I say ice-machine?).   […]

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When Visitor Parking is a Scarce Resource

This article was first published in Condo Business on Tuesday,December 8,2015. Many condos offer visitor parking as an amenity, but managing it can become a major headache for the board and management. The source of the headaches could be that there aren’t enough spots, figuring out how to fairly allocate spots, preventing the abuse of […]

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Protecting Your Condo’s Email

This week’s property management tip: email security Most property managers have an email account that they use every single day. What would you do if someone broke into your email account and emailed all of your contacts? Or worse, what if they deleted all of your messages? What valuable information would be lost forever? This […]

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