Condos Can Manage Mail Deliveries With Ease Using CCC And Snaile

Date Published : Jul-28-2020

Written By : Phillip Livingston

Groceries, laptops, shoes, gifts, and even toilet paper. You can have it all delivered directly to your condo. Online shopping has become incredibly popular, and condo dwellers may take advantage of this option more so than others because many of them do not own a vehicle.

In 2018, an estimated 1.8 billion people worldwide purchased goods online, and that number has increased over the last two years. Roughly 62 per cent of online shoppers purchase a product monthly, 26 per cent shop online at least once a week, and 3 per cent say they shop online every day.

Condo buildings are receiving more and more packages, but that has created a big problem for condo staff. Concierge is overwhelmed with deliveries. Our clients have told us that managing packages is becoming a full-time job, and they need a better way to process all of the deliveries that are made to the building, and notify residents about their mail.  

The solution – Snaile.

Condo Control Central has integrated with Snaile (pronounced to reduce the tedious and time-consuming task of managing packages, and help ensure mail is available to residents as soon as they are free to pick their deliveries up.


What is Snaile?

Snaile has designed a smarter way to manage deliveries. Winner of the 2016 Digital Innovation Of The Year by Postal Technology International Awards, the Canadian company manufactures and distributes multi-unit automated parcel lockers. In short, Snaile puts a cool and secure spin on parcel delivery. When a package or letter is placed in one of the Snaile lockers, the recipient is notified right away, and receives a unique passcode or QR code that they can use to unlock the locker and collect their mail.

Snaile’s lockers lead the way in providing fully integrated, smart parcel lockers for apartments and condominiums. The parcel lockers are electrically certified under Canadian regulations, and are compliant with national PIPEDA (Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act) laws to ensure data security.

Snaile also has on-site Customer Integration Specialists available to help condo staff or tenants become better acquainted with the electronic locker system once it has been installed in the building, and they offer ongoing locker support via phone and the web.


How does it work?

Instead of dropping off packages at the front desk, the courier can go directly to the Snaile lockers. The item can be deposited to the locker using the recipient’s unit number. A text message or email will be sent to the recipient, along with a QR code or 8-digit passcode. 

There are small, medium and large compartments to accommodate different types of parcels and the entirely modular and customizable lockers can also be fitted with extra-large compartments to accommodate even oversized items. For each deposit, the courier will select the appropriate size, and one of the compartments will open up automatically. The courier then closes the door, and that’s it.   

The recipient comes to the Snaile locker and indicates on the touch screen that they are collecting a package. They key in an 8-digit code or scan a QR code.

The correct compartment opens up, the recipient collects their item, and the space becomes free for another delivery.

With this efficient system in place, concierge doesn’t have to be involved in the package delivery process at all, and can spend time completing other important tasks. Residents can retrieve deliveries on their own time, and don’t have to worry about whether their package will be stolen or lost in a pile of other deliveries.


Why CCC and Snaile are better together

Before residents can begin to use Snaile, they must be entered into the locker system. If you’re responsible for managing a large building, you either have to get your residents to sign up on their own, or spend time entering dozens of email addresses and phone numbers. However, you don’t have to do either of these things if you already use Condo Control Central.

Through the integration, Snaile is able to check owner and resident data through Condo Control Central’s API, which means no additional data entry is necessary. This makes residents and management very happy. 

We’ve established one-way push synchronization of resident data as well so that any changes made to resident information through CCC are automatically reflected on Snaile. Our partnership with Snaile gives condo buildings a seamless, time-saving solution for package management. 


The benefits of installing Snaile lockers in your building

Snaile lockers offer so many benefits to condo managers, concierge and residents. Once installed, you’ll wonder how you managed before you had Snaile lockers in your building.   


  • Postal carriers can identify which company they work for
  • They can log deliveries using a simple touch screen
  • They don’t require assistance from security or concierge
  • Assembly is handled by Snaile 
  • Snaile lockers come in many different sizes and can be customized based on the size of your building. Snaile makes oversized lockers, small lockers that are ideal for letters or little items, medium and large lockers, and even refrigerated lockers for groceries
  • Residents will no longer have to deal with packages going back to the carrier company depot or post office
  • Snaile lockers are strong. Industrial grade steel strong
  • Users can interact with the touch screen in French, English and Mandarin
  • The lockers can verify content to avoid false delivery notices
  • Snaile offers exceptional customer support
  • Concierge is no longer heavily involved in package management
  • Letters and packages are stored in a safe, secure and clutter-free environment



Online purchases aren’t going away. In fact, since COVID-19, online purchasing has surged dramatically. Snaile has come up with an excellent solution to a big problem that many condo communities are facing. With the help of smart technology like Condo Control Central and Snaile, condo buildings can easily automate and control package delivery. Your concierge staff will thank you, and your residents will love that their building has found a way to keep their mail organized and secure.


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