Average cost of hiring a building security company in Canada

Date Published : Jun-06-2019

Written By : Phillip Livingston

They say you can’t appreciate the value of hiring a security guard until you’ve experienced a situation that requires one. Apart from protecting your property from burglars and break-ins, a security guard reflects positively on the value of your property and can help you attract quality tenants. 

If you’re thinking of hiring a security company to protect your building, you’re on the right track. We’ve put together a helpful guide to help you understand the cost and benefits of hiring a building security company. Read on for more. 


How Much Does it Cost to Hire a Building Security Company?

Security guards are trained to respond effectively to situations that would otherwise frighten or fluster the average person. But, their services come at a cost. Most security companies charge an hourly rate for each on-site security guard. This means if you’re looking to hire security personnel for a condo building you’ll probably end up spending a few thousand each month. 

Consider other factors like your building’s location, and whether the security guards are armed. Business overhead and fuel costs may also apply if you station the guards at a patrol house, or need them to patrol on designated vehicles. You’ll notice also that experienced security companies charge more than inexperienced operators. 

Here are some factors that contribute to the average cost of hiring a building security company: 

  • The number of Security Guards On-site.

The number of security guards required at each patrol depends on the situation. For example, a large building with 60 to 80 units may require several security guards on patrol because there’s a lot of traffic coming in and out of the building. But, a smaller building with 20 to 30 units will be fine with just a few guards. Consider factors like the crime rate of the location and the requirements of your building.  

Keep in mind they pay each guard per hour so the more security guards you have on patrol, the more you must pay at the end of the month. 

  • The number of Hours On-site.

Most security companies charge by the hour. This means you’ll pay more for each extra hour the guards spend manning your gates or patrolling your property. 

  • Security Guards Hourly Wage.

Several factors determine a security guard’s hourly wage. For instance, an armed security guard with police or armed forces experience will charge more than an unarmed guard with no combat training. 

Security guards that are part of a licensed security company also charge more than independent agents. This is not always necessary, but if you want to hire a team of independent security guards make sure to check provincial regulations first. 

On average, an inexperienced and unarmed guard will charge an hourly rate of $15 to $20, while a highly skilled and armed guard will charge $30 to $35 per hour. 

Although unarmed, a basic security guard may wear a protective uniform and carry a communication device and maybe a baton. In most situations, the mere presence of security personnel is enough to ward off criminals. Getting into physical altercations with criminals is not part of the job description for building security personnel, so this equipment is enough for them to maintain the peace in your building. 

  • Your location.

The location of your building will also contribute to the hourly cost of hiring a security guard. Security guards who work in big cities charge more than those working in small towns. For example, the monthly cost of a 24/7 concierge security guard in Ontario is $14,928.50 per month. Here are a few more examples of how much it costs per month to hire a 24/7 concierge security guard in different cities: 



guard cost chart



We also refer to a concierge as a gate guard. Their job is to regulate who comes in and out of the building. They must check the credentials of everyone that comes through the building, including guests and residents alike. 

A property manager or HOA may also hire a patrol guard who will patrol the property either in a vehicle or on foot. Patrol guides usually operate at night while gate guards work in different shifts throughout the day. This is to make sure that there’s always someone at the gate. Having a 24/7 concierge will cost more than a roving guard that comes in for a set number of hours each day. 

Things to Consider Before You Hire a Security Company

  • Check the company’s website. 

First, check the security company’s website. It should contain information about the company’s services. This includes proof of any licensing or regulatory bodies they’re a part of. Perform your due diligence on the company to make sure they’re licensed and insured. 

  • Don’t rush into anything. 

Take your time hiring the company. Put them through the wringer by asking them to assess your building and understand your security needs and current practices. The company should be able to identify and point out your building’s security weaknesses and offer effective solutions. 

  • Keep it simple.

The most important thing is to maintain a security presence in your building. Unless you live in an area with a high crime-rate there’s no need to go all out with combat-trained and armed guards. Rather opt for a company that offers basic, unarmed guards to man the gate at your building and patrol the property at night. If the security guard is trained, licensed and carries an effective communication device, you should be fine. 

  • Check their hiring protocol. 

Make sure the company you hire has strict hiring systems and processes in place to screen its employees. This includes carrying out routine drug tests and performing a thorough background check before hiring any security guard. 

Ask if the company provides its employees with ongoing training and make sure they’re properly licensed and comply with state regulations. If you hire an armed security guard for whatever reason, make sure they’re properly trained and experienced enough to use their weapons properly in high-risk situations.

  • Be proactive. 

While the security company will take care of the technical and administrative aspects of your building security, contribute to the development of patrol routes. No one knows your building better than you do. Take a representative of the security company on a tour of the grounds. Make sure they have a practical understanding of the property’s weak points and strongholds. 

  • Ask for references. 

Ask the company for references and call around to see what past clients are saying about their services. Be sure to check reviews and testimonials on their website. 

Why Hire a Security Company? 

The services offered by a security guard company for a condo building include: 

  • Providing an ongoing security presence.
  • Prevent theft and break-ins.
  • Screen everyone that enters and exits the building. 

It’s important to note here that each condo building has unique security regulations and laws. This contributes to the services they require from the security company. For best results, we recommend you hire a licensed security company that operates according to state regulations and offers a comprehensive range of services. 



As a property owner or manager, you may access information to patrol routes and incidents if you
feel the need to. Software like Condo Control Central’s Security Guard Patrol System app can help you do just that. With features like real-time patrol notifications and cloud-based storage, it’s the perfect tool for hands-on property managers.

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