10 of the most popular condo developers in Toronto

Date Published : Dec-23-2021

Written By : Kim Brown

A good condominium building begins with a strong foundation. Having a great management team and competent board ensures that owners have a positive experience and unit values remain high. However, the condominium developer has a lot of influence on the building’s initial value and appeal.   

People who opt to purchase a condo unit before it is developed will care deeply about the company building it. It is important for them to invest in a developer that will complete the project on time, will register the property quickly and design units that are attractive and liveable.

Toronto’s condo market has been thriving for many years. Due primarily to affordability, this market has experienced strong growth in 2021. Sales in Q3 were up substantially compared to the same period last year, reported the Toronto Regional Real Estate Board (TRREB). Moreover, the condo inventory that built up during the initial phases of Covid has been absorbed; listings are down compared to the same time last year.

All this really means is that the condo market is fiercely competitive in Toronto and surrounding areas. But don’t feel pressured to buy before you do your research. To help you make an informed decision, especially if you intend to buy before the pre-construction, check out our list of the top 10 developers in Toronto:


1. Great Gulf

Established in 1975, Great Gulf  specializes in commercial, mixed-use and residential developments, making its mark in 18 cities across North America. Great Gulf is the recipient of many awards, including BILD’s 2021 mid/high rise home builder of the year.   

Much of the developer’s success can be attributed to the president, Christopher J. Wein. Mr. Wein guides his company with over 20 years of experience as a senior leader in the design and development industries.

Great Gulf strives to be innovative and make use of the best new technology for every project. Sustainability is also a key priority.

Condos by Great Gulf:

  • One Bloor
  • Yonge + Rich
  • Monde Condos
  • Home on Power


2. Forest Hill Homes

A long-standing real estate builder and developer based in Toronto, Forest Hill Homes has been setting quality standards for over 55 years. This company prides itself on unsurpassed quality, innovative design and customer satisfaction. Forest Hill focuses on creating spaces that are “built for living” and for longevity.

Through the decades, Forest Hill has gained a reputation as a forward-thinking developer, with sustainability being a constant theme in its condominiums and other residential projects.

Condos by Forest Hill Homes:

  • Hillside Ravines
  • Southport in Swansea (coming soon)


3. The Daniels Corporation

The Daniels Corporation is one of the most reputable condo builders in the Toronto/GTA real estate market. Since 1983, it has built more than 35,000 homes and apartments, master-planned mixed-use, mixed-income and multi-generational communities.

What makes Daniels stand out is its ability to look beyond the bricks and mortar. It makes concrete efforts to integrate opportunities for social, cultural and economic well-being, bringing positive impacts the communities in which it plants roots. It has established a unique approach to bring underutilized land to life. Another positive about Daniels’ communities is that it ensures people who rely on transit can move around the city a little easier.   

Condos by Daniels:

  • The Wyatt Condos
  • Wesley Tower
  • One Park West
  • Festival Tower


4. Diamante

Diamante strives to build homes that are beautiful, desirable and memorable. The suite layouts and opulent standard finishes make their Italian roots quite evident. The company holds an Excellent rating from the Tarion Warranty Corporation, and is the three-time winner of the coveted Grand SAM Award for Project of the Year from BILD.

Diamante’s focus on quality over quantity has allowed it to construct some of the most recognizable luxury developments in Toronto.

Condos by Diamante:

  • The Florian
  • Two Roxborough Street East
  • Domus
  • The Royalton


5. Alterra

Alterra doesn’t just build condominiums – it builds communities. From the heart of downtown Toronto to locations across the GTA, Alterra has completed an array of exciting and desirable urban neighbourhoods. The company has 40+ years of experience, and it has the knowledge and the people to produce buildings that are anything but ordinary.  

Condos by Alterra:

  • 36Hazelton
  • Post House Condominium
  • RUSH


6. Cresford Development Corporation

Cresford Development Corporation has been building condos in the Greater Toronto Area for over 40 years. The developer aligns itself with luxury; its living spaces seamlessly flow from one room to the next. Cresford is largely considered the first developer in Canada to incorporate international fashion brands into the design of its condos. Attention to detail is what sets Cresford apart.

Condos by Cresford:

  • Merton Yonge Condominiums
  • Casa 2 Condos
  • 1 Thousand Bay Condos


7. CentreCourt Developments

CentreCourt Developments builds homes near Toronto’s most iconic attractions and neighbourhoods. One of the most active developers in the GTA, CentreCourt always has multiple projects on the go. But it has the right team to ensure all projects are done correctly from start to finish. If you live in Toronto, chances are high that you’ve walked by a CentreCourt building in the past few days.

Condos by CentreCourt:

  • 411 Church
  • Transit City
  • INDX Condos
  • Peter Street Condominium
  • 8 Wellesley


8. Menkes Developments

Menkes has completed dozens of condominium buildings in the GTA. The company is a family-operated business with deep roots in the city of Toronto. It was established nearly 65 years ago by Murray Menkes, an entrepreneur who initially wanted his business to be focused on building single-family homes that delivered outstanding quality and lasting value. Over the years, Menkes expanded its offerings; today, it produces almost every type of building imaginable.

Condos by Menkes:

  • The Broadway
  • Luxe
  • Cosmo Residences
  • Fabrik Condos
  • Four Seasons Private Residences
  • The Eglinton


9. Tridel

Tridel may be one of the most recognizable developers in the GTA. That’s because The Tridel Group of Companies is one of the largest privately held residential real estate groups in Canada. The Group consists of several operating companies that work together to plan, build and maintain real estate.

Tridel currently has over 7,000 condominium units in the GTA. Each community has been built to LEED standards. Tridel is known for completing projects in a timely manner, which is good news for pre-construction buyers.

Condos by Tridel:

  • Aquavista
  • Royal Bayview
  • Westerly
  • Scala
  • Via Bloor


10. Concord Pacific Place

Concord is one of the most established condo developers in Canada and one of the largest residential/commercial development companies in the country. Concord specializes in large master-planned communities. For example, beginning in 1997, it took its experience to Toronto to begin Concord CityPlace on the Lake Ontario waterfront. Concord CityPlace is spread across more than 45 acres, and at build out, will contain over 12,000 homes.

Condos by Concord:

  • The Gloucester On Yonge
  • King’s Landing
  • The LakeFront
  • The LakeShore



We’ve highlighted some of the most popular condo developers in Toronto, but there are even more excellent companies out there to explore. Each one has its own distinct style and trademarks, which is one reason why so many people are excited to purchase Toronto condos.

Once developers turn the condominium over to owners, it’s up to the community to work together to ensure the building is properly cared for. That includes creating, revising and enforcing rules, scheduling repairs and making budgets. A condo manager, and condo management software, can help to simplify many essential tasks and processes.    

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