Hawaii Condo Optimizes Security & Concierge Functions Using Condo Control

Ke Kilohana



A Summary Of This Case Study

Ke Kilohana is a large, vibrant condominium community in Hawaii. It is currently managed by Benjamin Oates and his team. The development is quite new, and Condo Control has been the only management software that the community has used. Benjamin was pleasantly surprised by the utility of the security and concierge module, which is one reason he recommended Condo Control to the condo developer. The console has helped Ke Kilohana optimize operations, maintain a safe living environment for residents, and prioritize accountability.

Ke Kilohana offers residents a fun and safe place to call home

Ke Kilohana stands 43-storeys high, catching the sun’s rays and cooling sea breeze. The condominium consists of 424 units and is home to hundreds of young and middle-aged adults. This is a great place for people who are purchasing their first home.

The development opened back in 2019, and residents absolutely love the amenities. There are two signature sky lānais, a yoga room, movie theatre, gym, and even a karaoke room.

Security is important to the residents of Ke Kilohana. The security/concierge team gives them peace of mind, and Condo Control helps ensure that best practices are always implemented.

Why Ke Kilohana Chose Condo Control

Benjamin, the General Manager of Ke Kilohana, was the one who recommended Condo Control to Howard Hughes, the developer of the community. He’s very happy that he did.

“I was selected by [Howard Hughes] as the General Manager, but was also asked to lead all of the opening efforts of the community.” Having had prior experience managing condo communities, Benjamin knew what he would need from the management software.


  • Staff would need the ability to send announcements to residents and condo owners
  • A practical service request feature was a must
  • The platform needed to serve as a central database

“The security and concierge module was unexpected. I really wasn’t looking for that specifically, so when I was participating in demonstrations and I saw it, I was really impressed by that,” explained Benjamin.

Bonus features

  • Security & concierge module
    • Package tracking
    • Security logs
    • Incident reports
  • Amenity Bookings

Impactful Results

Condo Control has helped Ke Kilohana in several ways, and has allowed the building to maintain a high level of accountability. Furthermore, residents can do more for themselves, giving the staff more time to focus on larger tasks and projects.

Security processes have been standardized

“Daily shift logs have been very helpful,” shared Benjamin. The logs detail what has happened during a security staff member’s shift. They are passed on and help catch the subsequent security staff member up to speed. The logs are really good because Benjamin can give instructions through the pass-on logs, and he can see who has reviewed them. If he sees that someone has read the log, and still didn’t follow a process or instruction, he can correct the issue right away. No one can use the excuse that they didn’t see the information.

Staff also ID every resident who comes to claim a package. Condo Control’s Package Tracking feature has a functionality that gives management the option to enforce ID checks before packages are released to recipients. While residents understand why this is required, some of them aren’t thrilled about it because they know that staff know who they are. Nonetheless, this process is always enforced to minimize any chances of items getting in the wrong hands.

Packages are retrieved in a timely manner

Speaking of packages, Ke Kilohana gets hundreds of them every month. That’s very normal for a condo building, but parcel pileups can become troublesome for staff who are responsible for managing deliveries. Condo Control’s Package Tracking feature reduces confusion and chaos for staff and residents. Staff simply enter the package details into the online platform, or they can even scan the label using a smartphone and the Condo Control app. The app recognizes the recipients’ details on the package, and syncs with the unit file to quickly log the package.

Residents get a notification that their delivery has arrived as soon as the item is in the system. This way, boxes aren’t sitting in storage for weeks at a time.

Residents can book amenities on their own

Ke Kilohana has plenty of amenities, and they are very popular. Condo Control’s Amenity Booking feature gives residents a fair and convenient way to secure the karaoke room or yoga studio. Amenities can even be booked from the Condo Control mobile app.

In the past, Benjamin had experienced issues with amenity reservations that were performed manually. On occasion, elevators would get double booked because different staff would be unaware that someone else had already reserved an amenity for the time being requested.  “With Condo Control, we’ve never had a double booking.”

Reports help staff see the bigger picture

Having the ability to run desired reports straight off the same database has also been very useful to Benjamin and his team. “We run not only packages and different amenity reports, but we also run pet owner reports so we can keep track of those owners (they have to pay a fee every year). We also do an assistance required list, and because residents can enter that information themselves, we have to check it every once and a while and ensure it’s up to date.”

Final Words

“I’m happy that I recommended Condo Control and the developer went along with it. I’m very pleased with it. It’s a decision that I’ve never regretted and I’m proud that it was made.”