Lake Royal Apartments, a self-managed 55 unit building, faced significant operational inefficiencies due to reliance on manual processes. The introduction of Condo Control software has brought about



Stacy Blom, the part time property manager of the 55 unit co-op Lake Royal Apartment, was responsible for the seamless operation of the building in collaboration with the board of directors and the residents. The manual processes in place were cumbersome and time-consuming.

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The cooperative struggled with the manual handling of documents and communications, which led to inefficiencies and a lack of real-time transparency for residents and board members.



Enhanced Transparency

Condo Control centralized all essential documents and communications, providing a single source of truth that improved transparency and trust among all stakeholders. The service request and incident report features allowed for effective tracking and management, which were integral to the board's monthly reports.


Operational Efficiency

The software reduced the administrative workload significantly. Stacy Blom reported saving "at least a couple of hours a day," while front desk attendants saved "three to four hours" daily due to the digitization of guest sign-ins and package notifications.


Cost Savings

By transitioning to electronic consent for document distribution, Lake Royal Apartments eliminated the substantial costs associated with printing and mailing large packets, such as the annual budget packet.


Improved Resident Experience

The immediate and accessible updates via Condo Control's announcements and mobile app kept residents informed. Stacy noted that nearly all residents were using the system to stay updated on community events and notices.


Exceptional Support

The customer support team at Condo Control was instrumental in the successful adoption of the software, providing personalized assistance and ensuring that Lake Royal Apartments could fully leverage the software's capabilities.

Lake Royal Apartments Result Through Condo Control


Daily time saved by property manager


Daily time saved by front desk


Annual revenue from amenity bookings


Annual cost savings


The implementation of Condo Control at Lake Royal Apartments has resulted in significant time and cost savings and improved the overall resident experience and operational transparency. The cooperative has been using the software for two years, which has become integral to its operations, demonstrating the long-term value and sustainability of the solution.

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