The 3150 Condominium Association is a high-rise building with 204 units previously operated without comprehensive management software.



The 3150 Condominium Association is a high-rise building with 204 units previously operated without comprehensive management software. Their operations relied heavily on paper-based methods, including manual door drops for notifications and front-desk-managed amenity bookings. Jeff Gwilliam, previously a member of the technology committee and now the Board President, highlights the need for an effective solution to streamline these processes.

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Lack of Efficient Management Software:

The absence of an integrated management system led to inefficient operations and administrative challenges.

Paper-Based Operations

Reliance on manual processes for notifications and amenity bookings was time-consuming and resource-intensive.

Inadequate Communication Tools

The existing resident portal was underutilized and not user-friendly, making it difficult for owners to access important documents and information.

Inefficient Package Handling

With over 100 packages received daily, manual logging and notification were time-consuming and error-prone.

Amenity Booking Inconveniences

Residents had to physically visit or call the front desk to book amenities, leading to inefficiencies and potential booking conflicts.

Solutions Implemented with Condo Control


Digital Transition

Introduction of Condo Control to replace paper-based systems and centralize management operations.


Online Amenity Booking

Transitioned to an online system for amenity reservations, making the process more efficient and accessible to residents via the web or mobile app.


Package Tracking System

Implemented a digital package tracking and scanning system, significantly reducing the time spent managing parcel deliveries.


Improved Communication Channels

Enhanced communication with residents through the software, making critical information and documents easily accessible.


Staff Training and Support

Provided necessary training to staff members for adapting to the new digital systems.

3150 Condominium Association Results Through Condo Control


Reduction in staff time spent on package management


Increase in overall staff productivity


Reduction in administrative workload related to amenity bookings


Upticks of units in the condominium using the online platform usage


The implementation of Condo Control at 3150 Condominium Association demonstrates a significant improvement in operational efficiency, communication, and resident satisfaction, establishing a model for other high-rise condominiums to follow. Although Some hiccups were encountered during the implementation process, particularly in implementing the valet parking module, 3150 Condominium Association was able to customize Condo Control to their unique needs.

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