Regional Group

Using Condo Control To Improve Communication and Engagement

Condo Control has been a very helpful tool for Regional Group. It has allowed us to streamline our processes in order to better serve our clients and continue to provide the highest level of customer service.

Annual Usage:

Service Requests: 927

Files Uploaded: 500

Announcements : 189

Spinnaker Condominium
New Jersey

Managing a dynamic ocean-side condo community

Condo Control definitely makes it easier to go home at night, the phones ring less, I don't have to worry about what I missed during the day and it protects my sanity. It's a great organizing tool and I get more done.

Annual Usage:

Packages Logged: 490

Key Checkouts : 448

Announcements: 85

Secretary of Sierras of Inglewood

Improving Payment Processes

We really love that you can pay for things online. And we also really like the retention of all the historical data. We couldn’t even compare Condo Control with the older systems, they were like night and day.

Monthly Usage:

Online Payments: 128

Service Requests: 218

Crossbridge Condominium Services

Tackling Tasks and Projects with Condo Control

All my projects have been streamlined seamlessly through Condo Control. It’s a great way to keep myself accountable, and a great way to keep me and my staff accountable to each other.

Tasks Completed: 109

Announcements: 274

Service Requests: 1,061

SkyCity Condominiums
Richmond Hill

Using Condo Control To Host Virtual Meetings

Condo Control is constantly developing new [solutions] to help the property management industry. The industry is constantly changing, and I find that Condo Control continues to grow with those needs.

Cost Savings: $6,105

Quorum Rate: 100%

Brickell Bay

Natural Disaster Response

The interface is very user-friendly, their customer service is great and it simply makes communicating with residents much easier, especially in emergency situations such as hurricane Irma

Communications Sent: 41,149

Announcements: 131