HOA petitions

When there is a community issue that needs to be addressed as soon as possible, HOA petitions are used to organize a special meeting.

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HOA Liens

When someone buys a home that belongs to a planned community with covenants, they are generally expected to pay fees and assessments to a homeowners’ association. Though most owners pay these fees without any problems, HOAs can take serious action if an owner refuses to keep up with their financial obligations.   Download our notice […]

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Parking, Pets, Vehicles and Storage: Expanded Jurisdiction for the CAT

Parking, pets, vehicles and storage. These are four issues that can create stress, frustration, and conflict for any condo community. When they become a problem, finding a resolution is generally not a clear or straightforward path, and some owners get to a point where they feel as though litigation is their only option.In Ontario, the […]

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RVs and HOAs

Recreational vehicles (RVs) are loved by many people who enjoy travelling and exploring. They provide temporary accommodations on long road trips or camping expeditions. Retirees may even use their RV to travel from their winter home to their summer home.However, RVs can be a point of contention in HOA communities. Associations don’t always welcome these […]

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What you need to know about the Strata Property Act

The Strata Property Act, along with a strata’s bylaws and rules, provides the legal framework under which all strata corporations must operate in British Columbia. Even though stratas are self-governed, strata owners and residents must use the legislative framework to inform their actions and rules.   Defining a strata The term “strata” is generally used as a synonym for a […]

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How to deal with noisy neighbours in your HOA or condo

Late-night gatherings, music that shakes the walls, lawnmowers powered on as soon as the sun rises. Condos and HOAs can be noisy, and unfortunately, residents will have to tolerate a bit of excessive noise every now and again. It’s part of living in a community. But, if a noise disturbance becomes a regular occurrence, then […]

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Homeowners association rules and regulations

Homeowners associations are created to uphold and enrich property values. An HOA is usually established by the property developer, and lead by a Board of Directors. When someone purchases property within the HOA, they automatically become a member of the association. All members are expected to follow the Rules and Regulations created by their HOA, […]

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Common Condo & Homeowners Association Pet Rules

Are you a pet owner? Thinking of buying a property that falls under a homeowner Or Condo association? Then you’ll want to read this article. In it, we discuss some of the most common HOA and condo association pet rules and how they can affect you. Some of them are sensible and practical, while others […]

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