Using Condo Control To Host Virtual Meetings

SkyCity Condominiums

Richmond Hill

Executive Summary 

Patricia De Marco is the Property Manager for SkyCity Condominiums. Patricia had sampled a few property management software systems before Condo Control, but none of the platforms she tested met all of her requirements. Patricia needed a solution that would help her manage her properties more efficiently, and be simple enough for her staff and residents to use. When the pandemic hit, Patricia was very thankful that she found Condo Control. The system allowed her to maintain the same level of productivity, and even helped her host annual general meetings when large groups were forbidden to meet in person.


About Patricia

Patricia De Marco has about 20 years of property management experience. She cares for SkyCity Condominiums and has a strong relationship with the community. Patricia continues to learn about and evolve with the property management industry, which is what makes her such an excellent PM.

Background Information

SkyCity Condominiums consists of two high-rise condominiums and a large shared facilities space. There are 424 units between the two buildings. The residents in these buildings enjoy using the amenities available to them, but the paper-based booking systems made it more challenging to secure amenity spots or alter those bookings. Once Condo Control was made available to them, they easily adjusted to making online bookings and receiving information through the platform.



Before finding Condo Control, Patricia was becoming increasingly tired of working with paper forms and records. Recurring tasks were taking up too much of her valuable time.

Patricia had already made the switch to Condo Control once the pandemic hit, but the new Virtual Meeting feature wasn’t on her radar when she started to think about how she would conduct an upcoming AGM.


Hosting an AGM during a global pandemic 

Between strict stay-at-home orders and limits being placed on in-person gatherings, many condo corporations were making plans to reschedule their AGMs. While this extraordinary situation would make the decision to delay AGMs a logical one, it also meant condos would have to play catch-up whenever things did get better. This left Patricia and her community feeling uncertain.

Keeping up with amenity bookings

SkyCity residents love the fact that there are so many amenities available to them. However, they would need to fill out paper forms to book a guest suite, the party room, or other amenities. “It was very time-consuming,” said Patricia. “You’d have someone book something and then want to change the date – and of course that takes up valuable time.” Patricia wanted to find a platform that helped SkyCity simplify this process so staff didn’t have to keep repeating the same thing over and over about how to book an amenity.

Maintaining communications 

Keeping in contact with hundreds of residents is never easy. Even if Patricia wanted to send out a small reminder or notice, it would be a lengthy process for her to reach everyone. Furthermore, staying on top of violations was a bit of a hassle. Patricia would have to go back into a file to find out what was said to the owner the last time they notified them about a violation. There was no way for her to set follow-up reminders or mark violations as closed.


The Solution

After trying a few software programs that only met some of her requirements, Patricia decided to partner up with Condo Control. “We found Condo Control to be a one-stop-shop where we could do everything we needed.” Patricia was very happy about the fact that certain functionalities could be customized to meet her team’s needs. And when the time came, she successfully hosted SkyCity’s AGM completely online. Residents appreciated that the platform was easy to use. As a result, they made use of the features that enabled them to have a better resident experience.


Virtual Meeting

The Virtual Meeting feature was crucial, stated Patricia. Condo Control released this new feature in the fall of 2020 in response to the pandemic. The feature allows condos and HOAs to send out meeting materials, collect votes and carry out entire meetings by incorporating Zoom into the platform. Everything is done through Condo Control, making it a relatively simple solution for any community.

Patricia was thankful that meeting materials could be sent through Condo Control. Their printer shut down unexpectedly and next year’s budget had not yet been distributed to owners. Patricia called up Condo Control to see what could be done. A team member walked her through the steps of sending out a digital version of the budget to all owners. The issue was solved in about half an hour.

“We actually had our last two AGMs virtually through Condo Control, and they were seamless. We’ll use them again.”


Amenity Booking

Instead of having to fill out paper forms, residents can now book amenities by themselves using the Amenity Booking feature. Amenities can even be booked through the Condo Control mobile app. Management can review all requests in one place and customize terms and conditions, time slots and booking fees. Everyone saves a lot of time now that this process has been automated.



Sending out small updates is no big deal thanks to Condo Control. If the management team needs to send out a reminder about proper garbage disposal, Patricia can easily pull up a premade template, make a few quick changes to the copy, and send it out to the entire community using the Announcements feature. She can select which groups or individuals will receive certain messages, allowing her to communicate more effectively.


Violation Tracking

The Violation Tracking feature streamlines violation management, and allows Patricia to stay on top of multiple violations at the same time. She can even set an automatic reminder if she needs to follow up on an issue within a certain amount of time. All communications between management and owners are perfectly organized. Patricia can pull up any incident and see the messages that were previously sent to and received from that owner. She can also check if that owner has committed the same violations before. The management team can follow and enforce consistent processes every time since all the information they need is readily available.



SkyCity Condominiums is happy with the changes that Condo Control has brought to the community. Patricia can spend time on more complex issues, and residents have the tools they need to take care of smaller tasks independently.


  • Can host seamless virtual meetings and circumvent limitations/restrictions
  • Able to reach her entire community in minutes
  • Enforces rules with consistency
  • Spends less time taking care of tedious and repetitive tasks


  • Able to participate in meetings without having to attend in person
  • Can book amenities from anywhere without having to submit paper forms
  • Are more informed about what’s going on in their community
  • Can respond to violation notices right away


Final Words

“Condo Control is constantly developing new [solutions] to help the property management industry. The industry is constantly changing, and I find that Condo Control continues to grow with those needs.”